The premise that all blogs are successful right at the outset is not entirely true. There are blogs and blogs galore but not all of them are flourishing and there is a reason for this. Blogging is now serious business and taking over the way we function in today’s world. Bloggers need to follow certain guidelines in order to succeed in cut throat competition and for this they need to take some tips from successful blogs.

For any blog to be successful, it needs to have active content to enhance traffic. It needs a certain amount of ranking in search engines to succeed and hence will need to follow some guidelines which are well defined and guaranteed to transform any amateur blogger into a veteran.


To be a successful blogger one will need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1 – When resorting to blogging one will need to decide on the kind of blogging one is more adept in. This could be the latest gossip in the celebrity world, photograph reporting, fan following and content on upcoming projects and ventures.

Step 2 – Set up a Google account through which one will have access to Google Alerts. Subscribe to other valuable blogs as well, which are offering inputs.

Step 3 – Purchase a domain or a hosting which could include Blogger, WordPress, etc. A striking search engine conducive name will be an added advantage. These names need to be simple and memorable so that readers can find, read, recommend and return.

Step 4 – Hire a professional at the outset to formulate the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages. This will give readers a clear insight on who you are and what your blog is all about. The contact page will enable readers to offer suggestions, cite feedback and other data which will add to the status of your blog.

Step 5 – Update your blog on a regular basis. Blogs need to be ahead of the news as it is happening. Stale news is a sure loser while the latest of information and an updated blog even as often as three to four times a day will work in your favor.

Besides these five steps, bloggers should also know the ways to maintain renewed interest of readers, steer traffic towards their blog, and become even more popular.

Identify aspirations right at the outset

Prior to starting a blog it is necessary to set your targets, identify your goals and recognize your target group. Just writing blindly on a variety of subjects will leave you groping in the dark with no clear aim in sight. Blogger hopefuls will need to ascertain whether they are writing on a certain topic or trying to promote your business venture, whether they are writing for fun or for profit or just to share ideas needs to be decided well in advance.

Assess the target group

Is your blog intended for youngster, corporates, housewives, busy professionals, or tech enthusiasts? All successful blogs evaluate their target group. Each of these groups have their individual set of expectations from a blog and expect the blog to live up to their potential. The blog needs to be clear cut and should result in gain rather than in confusion and turmoil.

Consistency and persistence pays

Regardless of your niche, the blog should be consistent. The blogger should possess advanced writing abilities, should be able to capture the attention of the audience, and should create an image that will get the readers back again the next day. A persistent blogger is one who continually updates their blogs on a regular basis. A persistent blogger is one who offers inputs which are live, exciting, and meaningful and captures the blog reader’s interest.

A blog needs to be inviting

A blog that does not seek reader’s feedback is on the road to doom. An inviting blog will continually seek feedback, will offer topics that are open to discussion and will welcome criticism whether positive or negative. Bloggers must remember that they cannot please all the people all the time. Their blogs are bound to be met with some sort of criticism along the way and is necessary for their own self improvement. Bloggers should even thank readers for any sort of negative feedback that they may receive. Readers will feel that their views are being valued and that the blogger considers their negative feedback important enough to improve in the future.

With all these points in mind, a clear insight and a certain amount of expertise, any blog and blogger will succeed. Bloggers should remember that they are open for the world to see and should avoid slander and bad language. Bloggers should also ensure that their writing should not meet with any sort of legal constraints along the way as this might be detrimental to both blogger and blog.

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