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Having great marketing material is key for any business to get off the ground. Not only does it help you get your brand of the ground, it also helps you set the tone for your brand. By using communication materials like photography, you can add a physical presence to your brand that can help with awareness and recognition. What brand photography can do is help you set a tone, aesthetic, and more for your company so that not only are you recognizable, but also people can understand what you do from the get go. Using good photography can really pay dividends for your efforts, and really get your business out there.

Set the Mood

One thing that you can really do with all creative work is set the mood for your business. This helps reinforce what your company does. For instance a satellite TV provider will want to build their brand with fun, energetic pictures because that is what people want from an entertainment provider. Whereas a home insurance company is more likely to use photos that reinforce safety and protection.

They will do that with pictures of people taking care of each other, using warm color schemes, and more. This is what you need to think about with your company’s photo usage. Make sure that the colors and subjects are reflective of the service you provide. If you are like the TV providers and wanted to convey energy and excitement, don’t use warm colors or static imagery. You want the photo to match the service.

Use the Right Aesthetic

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Similar to what was just discussed, nailing down proper aesthetics is important to effective photography as well. This is why it is really important to use photographers who know what they are doing. Once you decide on a mood, you want someone that can capture that. Typically high energy photos, and photos that are really trying to convey a sense of community will use photos with a large depth of field, meaning a lot is in focus. On the other hand, maybe you want some pictures that will isolate the subject, or have a need for headshots. Whatever the case may be, there is an aesthetic to each of these photos that will ultimately play into the aesthetic of your company and its branding.

On the other hand, maybe you’re wanting to come across as a relevant, “in-the-know,” and contemporary business. Utilizing tools like Instagram can help because there is a built in aesthetic. When someone views an Instagram photo they think modern, forward thinking, and technically savvy business. If you want to convey this message, think about using this photo tool and resource.

Let Your Audience Know You

While photography is a great way to grow your brand and what your company does, it is important for those interested in your business to know about you personally. Using photography for headshots, personal/public life shots, etc. is a great way to engage your audience on a deeper level. This is ultimately important because while people want you for your services and resources, they want to know that you’re a person they can connect to. Having a faceless company is not the best way to do that. So use your photography efforts to also show the public who you and your team are on a level not seen in other promotional material.

So these are all the best uses of photography to build your brand and your company’s outreach. It is important for you to nail down an aesthetic and mood to build a consistent brand in your consumers’ eyes. You want people to get an idea of your services before the even read the first word about you, based on the images you use. Lastly, it is important for your to let the public know who you are, not just by using words, but photos as well. Photography has long been a strong staple in marketing your brand, so make sure you do it right.

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Jordan Mendys is a photographer and media professional working out of North Carolina. He also is a filmmaker, and all of his creative work is documentary based.

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