When we think of a study, we tend to picture the studies of old. Old rooms stacked to the ceiling with older bookcases, mahogany desks and a nice recliner from which to smoke your pipe. Unattainable traditionalism aside, the idea behind dedicated studies is one with considerable merit.

These don’t need to be huge and they don’t need to be expensive, a modern study is just as useful as they have always been, and is much more attainable for the average person.


Why Should I Bother?

As anyone who was worked from home can tell you, it is very important to create a separation between work and play, and the same can be said for study. As many modern students know, having access to entertainment and distraction as easily as we do in this modern age can put a major hurt on the efficiency of your work. By creating a secondary place from which to study, separate from where you play or just goof off, it becomes much easier to concentrate, which vastly increases the efficiency of your study time.


Creating your own Space

Beautiful home workspace for studying

When it comes to creating your own space, you can discard some of the strict rules and layouts of the traditional study. As romantic as these can be, they aren’t exactly attainable to many of us on strict budgets. Instead of focusing on an entire room, consider the much more attainable corner of the room, or out of the way area. You want to choose something which is out of the way of common distractions and noise, yet which still has access to the amenities that help improve your comfort and state of mind.

You want a place that doesn’t suffer from extreme temperatures for a start, as well as one which has access to Wi-Fi if possible. Speaking of Wi-Fi, laptops or mobile devices can be a huge help but only once their issues are taken into account. These devices are effectively distraction incarnate so try to build around this problem.

For some devices, this can be as simple as creating a secondary account, one which does not have access to the distractions of the primary user login. Alternatively, consider purchasing a cheap and old laptop for a primary study device. You might be surprised at how effective a slow old laptop which can’t do anything modern can be in keeping you on track.

When it comes to the environment, you want to create a space as calming as possible. Begin with a comfortable chair and desk, one which suits the room available, and advance from there. Use the colors you are the most comfortable with, and decorate with printouts which help keep you on track.

Photos of the family can also be a big help, letting you know for whom you dedicate your work, and you can easily find a photo printing tutorial online to help you create something which fits with your overall theme. Also be sure to remember to include relevant printouts with information on the basics of what you are studying, or the elements which you find the most difficult to commit to memory.


Adjust, Practice, and Learn

Learning what the right study environment is for you is just that – a learning process. Some elements of your study will need to be changed if they prove ineffective, and others will require changing once that specific area of study is completed or nearing mastery.

Remember that every person is unique, and the same is true for what works for each person as a study environment. It may require a little work to set this up but we guarantee that it will be worth it in the long run.

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