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Do you know anything about C++ software development? We’ll give you reasons why in this guide!


Why Should I Learn C++ Software Development?

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C++ is one of the most popular programming languages available. The concepts and syntax of C++, has surpassed the test of time, and you can see its language pass on to other languages such as Go.

Even if you’re going to be doing web development for the rest of your life, or create web applications, learning C++ will help you understand how hardware and software actually interact. And this guide will help you find out why its a useful skill to have in your coding arsenal.


C++ History

C++ was developed in 1979 when an employee at Bell AT&T, started using classes on C. Bjarne Stroustrup borrowed interesting features from other languages such as CLU, ALGOL 68, Simula, ML, ADA.

Thus, in addition to other features of the C language, C++ also included strong type checking, basic inheritance, default function argument, and classes. By 1893, it was changed from C with classes to C++.

By mid-2011, C++ 11, was released. It was a new standard that added new features such as regular expression support, atomics support, auto keyword, new templates, container classes, array-initialization lists, and a C++ time library.


Benefits of C++

It’s fair to say that after 90% of the game engines us C++. While C was used for game development in the 90s, C++ offers larger advantages for complex 3D games, sophisticated multiplayer networks, and resource management.

For example, high energy physics tend to use C++. ROOT, a framework used for data processing and was developed at CERN, is employed in applications that are used by thousands of physicists daily. This includes 60 frameworks which contain 1,200 classes.


Object Oriented

You should consider using C++ when you’re ready to make high-quality applications. It uses Object Oriented Programming, meaning that you can code to create objects, scripts, and other applications on it.

Further, it includes inheritance, classes, data abstraction, encapsulation, and polymorphism. Once the objects are created, you can use them for different applications. So think about using C++ if you’re ready to make innovative apps and faster compile times.

Memory Management

Memory Management is another plus for C++. For instance, C++ can be used to execute without needing a garbage collector. A garbage collector will remove unsaved items in the code and runs from time to time.

Relying on the GC can be disadvantageous at times. It uses resources while running, doesn’t run at important times or won’t run at all. This that developers can’t have precise control over the amount of memory allocated.



C++ is a portable language and is the language of choice for multi-app, multi-device development. Unlike other programming languages, you aren’t limited to one OS system. Because of this, developers use C++ when they’re launching both iOS and Android apps for their target market.



To conclude, c++ software development is stronger than ever. By learning it, you’ll gain the ability to create high-end gaming apps, learn syntax for other programs, and debug problems that arise. So give it a chance if you’re ready to improve your skills as a software developer.

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