Are you looking for much more in your professional life? Are you worried that you’re not doing everything you’re meant to do?

Are you constantly daydreaming about other companies and careers?

Well, before you become depressed, you need to reflect and ask the following career questions to get a feel for what you really want.


1. What would you advice yourself about your career 3 years ago?

Where were you 36 months ago? If you could go back in time what would you advice yourself?


2. What would you want to do if you were going to work free of charge the rest of your life?

It’s true that money often tends to get in the way.

Simply, remove it from the equation and start pretending that your bills don’t exist.

If you were never to get paid again in your life, how would you spend the rest of your time?

What’s the single thing that makes you feel empowered and fulfilled?


3. What are the biggest aspirations in your career?

Yes, it might sound like a simple question but you need to think deep to find the right answer.

What are your goals and hope to accomplish?

Do you hope to achieve a specific title, tasks or responsibilities?

Do you need to make more money?

Make a list of everything you hope to achieve.


4. Is there a challenge that’s keeping you from achieving these goals?

Go through the list of aspirations you’re hoping to achieve and find out what’s keeping you from achieving them.

Also, you can create a new list to help you overcome any of those challenges in your list. Create a step by step process on how to achieve those aspirations. For example, if helping people is one of the things you long to do and you see yourself considering that career path, you may enroll for msw online programs, volunteer in your community and then, eventually build your own organization for social work.


5. What are the top 3 things you feel confident about in your current career?

There are bound to be a few moments when you feel at the top of your game.

Dig deep and find out what makes you get to the top during these moments.

It could be because you’re a good leader or you’re making sales.

Create a list and prioritize everything according to what makes you feel the best.


6. What drives you to succeed?

Do you always hope to achieve something tangible such as improving your sales by at least 20%?

Do you feel successful if you get recognition?

Do you feel good if you achieve a specific salary range or when you achieve a positive social impact?

According to Arielle Executive Career Consulting you need to find out what motivates you to shape your future accordingly.


7. Who is your inspiration professionally?

You can always look for people in your own office or think broadly. It could be the top salesperson or administrative assistant who makes you feel motivated.

It could be an international celebrity who helps you feel inspired. Find someone to help you identify with your aspirations and benchmark against.

Of course, you can’t handle any of these things at one sitting. You should sit down and reflect to find out what inspires and motivates you to succeed.

Find someone who gives you the push to achieve everything you have set out in your life. That way, you will be comfortable in your career.

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