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85 Amazing Helen Keller Quotes To Help You Find Your Purpose

Helen Keller was a known author and political activist. She was blind-deaf but was highly influential. She used her literary voice to influence Americans and other people worldwide. She particularly had a soft spot for underdogs. She consistently wrote to…

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50 Dope Kid Cudi Quotes On Life, Love, and Success

One of a handful of successful recording artists who also managed to cross over to film and television, Kid Cudi has been a staple of the hip-hop scene since his debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day…

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50 Inspirational Chuck Norris Quotes That You Can Live By

A true icon of action films, Chuck Norris made a name for himself through his films such as “The Delta Force”, “Walker, Texas Ranger”, and “The Hitman”. Norris is most famous for his stint as a martial artist, but he…

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50 Inspirational Harriet Tubman Quotes about Life and Freedom

The time of slavery was a dark period in history for African-Americans in the United States. By the 19th century, the states were divided over the issue of slavery. The North supported abolition and the South demanded for slave labor…

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50 Inspirational Bob Dylan Quotes on Life, Friendship, and Success

Many prolific and talented musicians reshaped music into what it is today. Bob Dylan is easily one of those geniuses, but he is unlike any other. No contemporary musician has ever been able to produce a plethora of songs that…

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75 Unforgettable Clint Eastwood Quotes on Life, Politics, and Hollywood

We all know him as the actor who played various roles in Hollywood films and several television series, but he is so much more than that. Clint Eastwood is someone who knows and has lived the American Dream, rough road…

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50 Inspirational Biggie Smalls Quotes About Life, Family, and Hustling

Anyone who’s a rap and hip-hop fan knows of The Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie Smalls. His life and death is frequently used as an example of the culture of violence that he illustrated with such authenticity in his…

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50 Legendary Johnny Cash Quotes about Life, Love, and Success

Music has evolved throughout time and Johnny Cash is a household name that probably holds little familiarity to recent generations. The “Man in Black” was blessed with a rich baritone voice. He sang songs that celebrated the good things in…

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50 Inspirational Anne Frank Quotes on Life, Love, and Hope

It would be difficult to type out a biography of Anne Frank without mentioning her diary. Honestly, there’s no separating her life from the perspective she provided of the Nazi dictatorship. And she’s one of the few people whose full…

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