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Whether you are into baseball, basketball, or chess, you will find the most inspiring sports quotes in this compilation.

Kobe Bryant Quotes

50 Powerful Kobe Bryant Quotes To Awaken The Winner In You

At the tender age of 18, he was recognized as the youngest player in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He literally had the home-court advantage. After all, his father, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, was a former NBA superstar...

LeBron James Quotes

40 Inspirational Lebron James Quotes To Push You Into Action

Arguably the most scrutinized player in NBA history, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James is an accomplished basketball player. Since his entrance into the prestigious league, LeBron has been under the spotlight. Despite spending over a decade of his career being...

Lou Holtz Quotes and Sayings

25 Life-Changing Quotations by Lou Holtz

A lot of people are known for building up their careers with passion and grit. But not a lot of people are known for building a career with the same passion and grit while inspiring others along the way. One...

Yogi Berra Quotes

40 Of The Best Yogi Berra Quotes To Make You Laugh and Think

It seems almost natural to dedicate a page of quotes for someone who was popular for making them. Aside from his historic run in Major League Baseball, Yogi Berra is also known for his malapropisms and witticism. He had such...

Wayne Gretzky Quotes

20 Wayne Gretzky Quotes on Hockey, Teamwork, and Life

The only name that stands above all other names in the world of hockey is Wayne Gretzky. He is called the Great One, the man who showed exceptional agility, full control, and unparalleled insight, making him the greatest genius this...