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Beautiful Wedding

7 Custom Koozies for the Perfect Wedding

Planning a wedding is both hugely exciting and hugely challenging. There are so many aspects to consider and so many plans that need to be put in place before the big day. Choosing the right venue, the right cake, the...

First-Time Maid of Honor

A List of Duties for the First-Time Maid of Honor

If you have been given the distinction of maid of honor by one of your friends, take a few moments to celebrate being given this role. But only a few moments. Because there is work to be done and you...

Six Ideas for Book-Inspired Weddings

Six Ideas for Book-Inspired Weddings

So you’ve finally answered one of life’s most complex questions: “Will you marry me?” And you’ve said yes. Great. And you’ve decided you want a wedding that’s straight out of a book. Even greater. You’ve read a lot of good...