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The tools have been developed for the assistance of people involved in writing tasks. The writing is an easy task for many people, but for some, it is vice versa. Therefore, the people who find it challenging to write efficiently uses these tools to improve the quality of the text they have written. There are many tools for these people, an essential tool among these is the ‘word counter.’

Word count checker is the tool for identifying the number of words and characters present in your text. It provides you with detailed statistics about estimated reading time, estimated speaking time, sentences, syllables, average word length, average sentence length, unique words, etc.

In comparison with other tools, this word count checker is not just about words and characters. This tool provides you with additional features like keyword density, readability, and word length so that you can increase your productivity to the maximum.

The word count tool is a web-based tool which doesn’t need to be downloaded on your device. You can use it using any web browser as it is compatible with all like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. It is particularly handy for the people who write for blogs, websites, and forums as word and character count is an essential element of their work.


What is the benefit of using this tool?

Word Checker

The word counter tool is the helpful tool for people as it helps them with the keyword density in their text. The keywords are those words that are supposed to be occurring the most number of times in an article according to the density.

These are the words on which the whole text is based on. The word count checker helps people to find out the top keywords in their writing. Also, it helps the people to increase the number of the similar words that have been used by them in their text.


What is estimated speaking and reading time?

The estimated reading time is the average time based on an estimate it takes to read 200 words per minute. It is essential information for people as it helps them to know how much time it will take to read your written text. Furthermore, the estimated speaking time is based on the average time it takes to speak 125 words per minute.

These both estimations are helpful for the people who are content or blog writers, it helps them to know how much time the user will invest to read their article, if the estimated time is in excess then the writer can consider reducing the length of the text so that it becomes appealing and fascinating for whosoever reads it.


How to use this tool?

The word calculator is an easy to use tool, and it works very fast and accurate for the users. The word counter tool requires just the user to copy paste the text in the box provided, or you can upload the file directly, as there is the option to do so. As the user enters the text, this tool provides the results immediately. The user is not required to wait or click on the counter check button in this proficient tool.

If you don’t wish to install any special software like MS Word on your device to get to know about the stats of your text, then this tool is the best one out there as it has multiple functions, and that too 100% free of cost. You must not rely on manual counting and use this tool as it can help you save much time and get accurate results.

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