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After many long weeks, we have finally finished our E-book! We’ve never sold an E-book online, and decided to give it a try. After much research and interpretation, we decided not to cut any corners. Finding out how much work you have to do for a single E-book is mind-boggling. Successful or not, we are very thankful for the wonderful experience.


The last month has been quite hectic. We constantly try to publish over 20+ articles every single week and so far it’s a full time job. Why do we strive for more daily articles? Please allow me explain:

Personally when I visit technology blogs, I love to read about the latest happenings in the industry. They always manage to have around 10-15 article for me to consume on daily basis. So every morning, my brain receives delightful caffeine from coffee and eye-opening information. Previously we would only publish 1-2 article a day. I can totally relate to how boring that can get.

Pressing the refresh button should not be a full time job. Sticking to a strict publishing schedule will allow our readers to know exactly what to expect every single day. You should always remember to adjust for your audience. Since we have mostly American readers, we tend to publish articles while you dream and when you wake up your inspirational content is ready!

Along with constantly writing, we have managed to create a short, but sweet, e-book for you to consume. The e-book is 40 pages long and is intended to be finished in less than an hour. We plan to release many more e-books in the future and start a tiny store.

Behind the Scenes of Business Branding

Business Branding – A Blueprint Guide for Beginners

Unlike most books, we chose to focus on a specific topic instead of only giving out generic advice. Why did we chose Branding? Many business owners should know about branding. If you’re an entrepreneur starting a business today, you should have at least some education about what you’re doing. Jumping in the water not knowing how deep it is, will only help you drown.

We have managed to create a beautiful E-book and made sure that it ran on every popular mobile device. However something was still missing. We all like to get something extra with any kind of purchase, right?  Usually the icing on the cake is a great way to reward the customer for supporting your business. Therefore we decided to offer some pixel perfect business card templates that you can use for you or your business.

(Oh, and just a little fyi, the formatting for the Epub and Kidle was a blast! For future advise, please make sure to hire a professional to do this for you. It will save you time, money and most importantly stress. Trust me, I’m always the DIY guy, but when it comes to formatting a PDF….I’ll gladly pass. )

Why did we charge for the E-book? Besides the obvious answer (to make money), we believe the web is already flooded with free stuff. Even when you find freebies like books, fonts, graphics, software and icons you barely use them for your projects. By charging hard cash for our product, we were hitting two birds with one stone:

  • We are signaling that it was better than the content you can find for free.
  • Increasing the chance people would actually read the book after they downloaded it.

We have given tons of thought on the pricing of our e-book. Other quote on quote “Marketing Gurus” say that you should to charge a lot. Why? They strongly believe in psychology of pricing, meaning that the more you charge for something, the more valuable it is perceived to be. This might be true, however we have no interest in using psychology to trick you into buying our product. The bottom line is that if you’re interested in the topic, then acquire the e-book.

After reading about a mix of experiences from other famous self publishers, such as Seth Godin, we decided to take the route you see today. Currently the economy around the world is not too hot. Originally we thought $15 was an ideal price point for all the hard work, labor, time, effort, that went into this book. However we had to be real with ourselves.

The obvious question to ask yourself when pricing an E-book is, “Would I personally buy it?” If yes, then go a bit lover, if not then rethink the strategy. Coming down all the ways from $15, we settled on around $5. We understood that by making an e-book too cheap, people might think that it’s irrelevant, bad, or just simply crap. Why do people think like that? Well it’s because usually when you buy something cheap it’s unreliable and has a short life span.

Another hot thing to do right now is to sell your e-book for only $.99 cents. The whole idea is to get people to buy it and make money from all the inner affiliate links. This is not something that we want to do. Milking your readers/customers is morally wrong. I can assure you that there isn’t a single link in this e-book (seriously, not even to our own website.)


We are not here to sell you other crappy products that you will never use. We want to provide quality information that you will keep for the rest of your life. That was simply the goal from the start. Whether you are interested in the book or in the business card templates, we really hope you can support what we are doing and purchase the e-book.

We’ve been providing great content since March 3rd, 2010. We hope that you will help our site to continually flourish and grow even more. For more information about “Business Branding – A Blueprint Guide for Beginnerscheck out the sales page. Thank you for your support, and have an awesome day!

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