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Teachers can be different from their managing skills. In their classrooms, they can manage the students with their own styles. Classroom management optimization is one of the strategies that towards the maximizing the student’s achievements and compliance with governmental mandates.

The classroom management can be bought to focus on the students on their studies. The teacher can prepare the subjects and it gets to be weighted heavily with the courses in the educational methods.

All these efforts can be invested in the pedagogy and it is known as the instructions and behavioral about the classroom management styles that can impact the student outcomes. In the school days, teachers can teach about the discipline to the students in some of the ways.


Management of the teachers

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It can remove the students from the classroom environment because the students are removed from the classroom environment they are losing the instructional time that causes the learning gaps. Their types of disciplines seldom that can be used in the public schools. Due to some of the social changes for the past 100 years the schools having more behavioural issues that can affect the way the teacher manages the classroom.

Previous studies in the field of the classroom management have been indicated that classroom disciplinary issues are worst today. And it can impact the student achievement. The students did not question the teacher because the teacher has the authoritative role in the classroom because they were fearful of a referral to the principal office and of the retribution that can become when the teachers can contract their parents.

In some of the research shows, it does not affect the student who does not compliment the rules but other students also in the classroom. The cheap essay by is available for the students so, you can make use of it.

The teacher is not alive who cannot felt the frustration of trying to manage a classroom with at least one student who repeatedly pulls other off task with annoying disorderly the behaviour, but some researchers can have harmful results of having the continuous classroom disruptions.

The classroom management issues are having the devastating impact on the student achievement .classroom management has become the high priority for the public schools.


Activities of the teachers

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Nowadays in classrooms students are required to standard to receive passing scores on the mandated in standardized tests such as CRCT. The primary purpose of the study was to investigate whether the classroom achievement rates in the reading .the research can be provided definitions of the classroom management. The methods and strategies an educator uses to maintain the classroom environment that is conducive to student success and learning.

Efficient teachers should acquire a toolbox of classroom management strategies that they can use within their classrooms. If it is a well manages classrooms provide an environment in which teaching and learning can be flourishing. The importance of students that they are feeling safe at school linked to student learning. The feeling of safety, the students will develop the anxiety and it becomes uneasy in the classroom.

The safe and orderly environment is protecting the students from physical harm and maintaining order so learning can take place. The classroom management can encompass teacher efforts to oversee the activities of the classroom including student behaviour the student interactions and learning.

Many researchers can show the importance of classroom management it is unclear which method or strategy is more appropriate to employ in the elementary schools. As the teacher can work through the new mandates and standards developed by the national and state government’s schools. They are strictly followed the rules and regulations.

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