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As a blogger, it is easy to feel stressed out most of the time. Writing alone is an intensive task, but when writing includes coming up with innovative and unique ideas that set you apart from other bloggers day after day, the load can take its toll. One of the best ways to avoid such stress is to think like a publisher instead of a blogger. Publishers look at the long-view of a body of work, such as magazine catalogs or blogs. They don’t get caught up in a single article or post.

There are several different ways in which you can think like a publisher, and the single-handed best way is to come up with a plan and follow it. Additionally, regular, consistent brainstorming sessions can help you get content ideas together way ahead of schedule, taking pressure off of your day-to-day activities and letting you focus on writing.

Creating a Plan

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The best bloggers update their blogging websites on a regular basis, which means that in order to be amongst the best, you need to update daily or almost daily and have fresh ideas in your posts. If you do not have fresh ideas, you will have trouble keeping the attention of your readers. However, trying to come up with a new, fresh, interesting idea every day can be quite overwhelming.

This is why it is always a good idea to think things out ahead of time. Write down a list of content ideas that you have, as this is the best way to be prepared. You may want to set aside a day or two each week/ month/ bi-monthly or whenever needed to brainstorm. Content mapping is a formal process you can engage in to create a plan for specific posts. There are lots of different methodologies for creating a content map, so find one that works for you and start filling in the blanks.

As you brainstorm, you may notice several ideas that can be grouped together, which is a great way to come up with monthly themes for your blog. One advantage to setting themes for your blog is that you can give your readers something to look forward to; you can even create a “preview” of upcoming topics for this month’s theme via newsletter or simply a first of the month blog post.

Brainstorming for New Ideas

There are lots of different ways for you to brainstorm new ideas for your blog. Some excellent resources for brainstorming include:

  • Social media sites – see what your friends are talking about and sharing.
  • Prismatic – a customized newsfeed generator.
  • – an awesome, free brainstorming tool.
  • – a suite of tools for creating infographics.

It is most important that you pay attention to what is going on around you. Using social media websites to find out information on what people like and want to read about can prove to be quite useful for you. Therefore, be sure to use Twitter hashtags to search for specific topics and get fresh ideas for your blog.

Using Guest Writers

Another way to take off the stress of keeping up with consistent blog posts is to use guest writers. If you do not set specific guidelines, however, guest writers could become more work than they are worth. The key is to come up with a list of requirements, but to also give guest writers something in return for following your policies, such as links to their website in their Author Bio or an affiliate link in the content. Some common requirements that bloggers have for guest writers often include:

  • Create topics based on your monthly themes/content map.
  • Articles must be original and cannot be used on any other blog.
  • Proper grammar and use of the English language is a necessity.
  • You maintain the right to make edits to their article for grammatical errors/clarification purposes.

You may also ask that guest writers submit a list of ideas and summaries for you to approve or disaprove. But, again, you need to make it clear that if the article does not meet your basic requirements, you still have the right to reject it.

Blogging can be a full-time job. Therefore, during your times of content generation, come up with as many ideas as you can think of. No ideas are bad during brainstorming – you can always trim the list later. The more ideas that you have, the more you will be able to post while also avoiding the stress that bloggers often face. And if you accept guest writers, make sure to also plan this process thoroughly to make this choice something that continues to alleviate, rather than add to, your stress levels.

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