The marketing is advertising, promotion and selling pressure, is a set of aggressive media sales, used to capture existing markets. According to this first meaning, very “commercial” marketing would mainly apply in the markets for consumer goods and much less in the areas most “noble” products such as high technology, public administration, social services and cultural activities.

– Marketing is a set of analysis tools, methods of forecasting and market surveys prepared in order to develop a forecast of needs and demand. These methods are often complex, might seem reserved for large companies and, on behalf of, inaccessible to the medium and small size.

– Marketing is the architect of the consumer society that is the great deceiver in a market system in which individuals are subject to commercial exploitation by the seller. To sell more and more need to constantly create new needs.

Marketing Actions are Divided Into Three Areas:

marketing of consumer goods and services or marketing business-to-consumer (B2C), which governs trade between the firm and consumers;

industrial marketing, or marketing, business-to-business (B2B), in which the parties involved in the exchange process are represented by organizations;

social marketing, which covers non-profit organizations, such as museums, universities.

In each of these areas, the marketing process that involves meeting the needs of customers is the main business of the whole organization, not altruism, but for a specific interest, because this is the best way to achieve their goals of growth.

The Two Aspects of The Marketing Process

1. Arranged and continuous analysis of market needs and the development of competitive new product concepts, aimed at specific customer groups and exhibit distinctive features that differentiate them from competitors, thereby ensuring a lasting competitive advantage to the producer and defensible, they are assigned to strategic marketing objectives;

2. Marketing strategies of the organization, whose goal is to introduce potential clients and enhance the distinctive qualities boasted by the products offered, reducing the costs of research clients. This is the role of marketing operations.

Strategic Marketing

The marketing strategy is based on the needs of individuals and organizations. It’s role is to follow the evolution of the market and identify the different product-market segments and current or potential, based on the analysis of the different needs to be met. The role of strategic marketing is about creating interesting opportunities for the company that it is well adapted to it’s resources and capacity to offer growth potential. It’s purpose is to define goals, elaborate a development strategy, and be able to maintain a balanced structure between the products.

The Operational Marketing

The operational marketing action is the size of the concept of market orientation. It sets as it’s objectives capture existing markets and its horizon of action lies in the short to medium term. The essential function of operational marketing is to create turnovers. Selling and communication tools are very vital, in order to minimize the costs. The operational marketing is therefore a key element that influences directly the compensation of short-term viability. The operational marketing is the most spectacular and most visible aspect of the marketing process, as a consequence of the fact that the advertising and promotion occupy an important place in it.

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