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After toying around with the idea that you need to get your business on social media, you decided it was time. But before you start logging in those online hours, consider hiring an expert. To be clear, many people are outraged that there is a quote on quote “Social Media Expert” profession. There are some great minds in the realm of Web 2.0 that really know their stuff.

You as a business owner have to be aware of people who lie. I can walk up to you on the street , and tell you that I run a local bank. That might be a possibility, but at that point and time you have no idea whether I’m being honest. For this very reason be cautious of every candidate and question them to death.

Your time is money, and your money is an important investment. Keep in mind that there are people who know digital marketing that involves much more than opening a Facebook Fan Page or Twitter account and putting a brand name on it. Here are some great reasons why a social media expert can be helpful and beneficial:

They know what they are doing

Believe it or not this is their career and in most cases their only job. You can hire a freelance Social Media Expert to concentrate on your social media presence and only your social media presence. These experts know exactly how to work their magic on anything and everything. Just like you are an expert in your field they are the expert in the social networking field.

Cheaper than you think

Don’t let the rumors of high priced experts scare you away. Of course there are some overpriced experts, just like in any industry. Best thing to do is ask around. Word of mouth is the best way to find the best expert for you and your business.

Grow your page

Not only do the social media experts set up and get you started; they can take any social media platform that you already exist on and grow your fans. In most cases social media experts can double your amount of fans and followers in no time.

Free up your time

Ok so you are currently working on your companies business page on Facebook, right? And now admit it. You have spent the last thirty minutes looking at your personal page and other friends online. The more you spend time on social media for your company the more you tend to spend your time on your personal accounts. Hiring an expert can help you cut that time spent on yourself!

Manage Marketing

Social media experts aren’t hired just to make your page look pretty and to gain a few new people. They know how to calculate statistics to show you what marketing plans are working and what are not working. They can tell you what is lacking and what is needed faster than you can click the ‘like’ button. With their extra input you can apply that to your company’s goals and advancement plans.

Now start asking around and price yourself a successful social media expert. Before you hire, be sure to take a look at their social media portfolio and don’t be afraid to ask as many as questions as you need too. Happy social networking!

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