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Most people who have a YouTube channel are aware that videos on their channel can be monetized. In fact, this is commonly the fundamental purpose for creating a channel in the first place. The typical monetization scenario entails securing an audience for the video, and then allowing advertisements to be attached to it.  Originally, a minimum of 10,000 video views were required in order to enable that short film to be eligible for monetization.  Once this is achieved, each subsequent viewing would then typically earn $.05 as a subsidy for the advertising exposure.

Monetization No Longer Requires Viewership Minimums

A modification of the rules was released in April. Now, YouTube AdSense is available to users in 20 countries, with no minimum viewership requirement for profit sharing. The pay-out regulation simply stipulates that a minimum of $100 must be earned in that given month, or the balance will roll into the next month in order to allow the additional accumulation of funds.

Of course, attaching up to 3 advertisements to a video can distract from the content itself. Therefore, if the video placement purpose is contingent upon viewers watching the full content, then the ads may actually undermine this intent. The good news is that customization options provide control over this, to suit the content provider.


Value Creates Leverage

YouTube offers numerous levels of participation options within a channel. Each level is tied to the value that the channel contributes. Just as a single video can be monetized when it demonstrates the ability to draw viewership, a channel gains more leverage once it has obtained 6,000 subscribers.

Choosing Overlay ads as opposed to Pre-Roll can substantially increase viewership, and potentially add more subscribers to the existing base. While Overlay ads sit quietly in the lower portion of the viewing screen, Pre-Roll requires a viewer to wait until a significant segment of a video advertisement plays before being able to view the targeted content. Since Pre-Roll tends to be responsible for more viewers bouncing prior to watching content, selecting other ad types may be a preferable choice.

YouTube Partner Status Compounds Income

Once a channel demonstrates that it has reached the attention of 6,000 subscribers, it becomes eligible to act as a YouTube Partner. Partner status entitles the channel to earn ad subsidies from every advertisement on the page where the video is located, rather than solely those that are directly linked to the video. Partner level also provides the channel with options about which ads will be linked to its videos.

Ultimately, everything boils-down to driving traffic to the site affiliated with the channel.  Whether videos are “how to” instructional tools, or entertainment clips showcasing a musical performance, the purpose behind posting videos is to develop interest around the core subject. This may lead to book sales, MP3 downloads, or concert ticket revenues. Supplementing these core earning opportunities with the dual benefit of more income and more awareness is a tremendous value-add.

Essential: Subscriber Loyalty

Beyond this fact, the strength of the subscriber tie means that this core group of individuals will always know how to find the channel.  Securing subscribers eliminates the concern that they will fail to return because they do not know how to find their way back. Given the sheer volume of traffic on YouTube, subscriber loyalty becomes far more important than simply acquiring views.

Finally, it is essential to consider the Terms and Conditions of YouTube prior to attempting to monetize any videos. While some think that these Terms and Conditions are not applicable, the fact is that content copyrights must be owned entirely by the individual or entity attempting to monetize content. Violations can trigger removal of the video content, and may cause the channel to be closed permanently.

YouTube content monetization can transition a promotional opportunity into a revenue stream. In the world of video production, marketing, and technology, this offers a logical means of creating passive income while simultaneously increasing awareness about a product or service.

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