Having a great web page only takes you so far. Without the proper marketing strategy you may never make it onto the monitors of your target customers. This can lead to a frustrating dilemma in which weaker or less relevant pages jump your offering by virtue of a more polished approach to web analytics.

You can avert this unwanted outcome by understanding the basics of Internet marketing. Your business or organization can avoid the pitfalls and rise above the rest of the competition to a proper placing on Google or other popular search engines.

Picking the Right Name

The first place to start is the domain name. Be wary of wording or inputs that are vague or lack the proper ability to describe what your company offers to the public. Failing to do so could result in poor search results and a lack of traffic. Selecting a domain name which provides a clear description of your goods and services, will serve your business well in the fight to garner viewership in a sea of competitors.

PPC Initiatives


Pay-per-click solutions can help your page take a step in the right direction by offering a favorable result to both members of the process. On your end, you receive a boost in traffic by incorporating services, like a Bay Area PPC. These agencies then receive a fee from your company to ensure that they provide an adequate amount of viewers. The fee is often based around the concept of clicks or conversions. If your process is focused on clicks, success is gauged by how many browsers are redirected to your page. A conversion plan only takes into account sales that come from diverted viewers – not just visits to your page.

Often, these agencies have a strong background in web analytics and other tools. By mastering Google AdWords and Bing’s Webmaster application, a professional from one of these services will properly tailor keywords to fit the most popular search result pages. If properly developed and integrated, this marketing tool could be the difference between garnering sales and letting your competition grow and expand in the eCommerce sector.


Operating a blog on your page is a strong extension of the basics of Internet marketing. With this addition, you can have a steady stream of fresh content that can help bolster search results and retain repeat viewers. Generally, a web page will operate a blog that focuses on problems or issues related to their specific industry or consumer needs. Again, this blog will cover keywords and phrases that promote search engine and marketing results. As long as you are committed to updating this blog on a consistent schedule, you can expect to see a significant boost to your traffic and viewership.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is perhaps the most powerful tool in your arsenal, but remember that it is a relatively recent development in the Internet marketing world. With this new avenue, a certain level of volatility is expected. To ensure that your social media integration flows smoothly, expect to put a considerable amount of time into the maintenance and growth of your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts, among others.

For this hard work, your company will have direct access to consumers on a daily basis. If properly managed, these individuals who enjoy your products and services could turn out to be your best assets in the Internet marketing arena. They can like, share, favorite, and re-tweet your promotions, offering a vital grassroots campaign that requires little expense. Of course, you will need to keep them supplied with engaging content, such as coupons, discounts, and social media only offerings, to keep your consumer base interested.

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