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The best way of approaching signage is on multiple levels. When you think of signs, your first thought might be of store or directional signage.

However, floor graphics bring another element to your marketing efforts and help you stand out from the crowd, especially along a busy strip mall or in a shopping center. Even a standalone business benefits from unique floor graphics, creating a memorable look for visitors.

There are many business benefits of floor graphics, such as branding your space and creating an experience for users. The experiential design movement is trending right now, drawing users in and giving your business a unique feel. Anytime a user walks away remembering the experience of being inside your store, you’ve made a lasting impression.

Different floor graphics can be used for a variety of purposes. Below are ten creative ways businesses use floor graphics and how you can borrow them for your marketing. The only limit to the use of floor graphics is your imagination.


1. Clean Crosswalk

Mr. Clean’s image appears in a crosswalk in Italy. Because the image is so recognizable as the brand, seeing the image on everyday items reminds people of the cleaning product. Since one doesn’t typically see an ad on the lines of a crosswalk, it stands out. Think of unique places to use your floor graphics.


2. Steaming Hot Cup

A few years back, Folgers placed graphic ads over manhole covers in New York City. While the idea is brilliant in that the steam looks like it’s coming off a cup of coffee, the sewage smell sort of ruined the effect. Look for ways to bring your floor graphics to life, but consider all the environmental factors involved.


3. Climbing Mountains

Saatchi & Saatchi in Denmark transformed this staircase into a mountain to show what it feels like to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Floor graphics work well with stairs to transform an area and grab the interest of passersby. If there are stairs near your business, think of how you can add a unique experience for consumers.


4. It’s a Dog’s Life

This floor graphic ad in a shopping mall presents a unique image when viewed from above. It shows a dog digging at fleas, but the people are the ones who look like fleas as they walk over the image. It is a powerful use of floor space when viewed from several levels up. Consider the vantage point of those who’ll see your ad. What does it look like from a distance?


5. Life Comes at You Fast

This is another creative transformation of an outdoor staircase, this time by Nationwide. The stairs are transformed into a steep road with a car flying over a hill at the people taking the stairs – definitely an eye-catching design!


6. Street Court Branding

Nike sponsored a street art project where outdoor basketball courts were painted cheerful colors. Note the Nike logo in the image above. Sponsoring local projects gets your brand out in the community and shows you’re a part of the scene.


7. Want Fries with That?

This crosswalk was transformed into a container of McDonald’s French fries, perhaps to stir up an appetite in passersby!


8. Park Anywhere

This clever ad campaign was designed to show that anyplace can be a parking spot for a Jeep.


9. Instant Vacation

This floor sticker transports waiting travelers to a faraway ski lift.


10. Instant Vacation

Interspersed between real trees, these super realistic stickers conjure up the image of a row of many chopped down trees, in order to call attention to deforestation.


Use Every Inch of Real Estate

Whether you own your building or rent space, use every inch of real estate available by utilizing wall signage, hanging signs and floor graphics to create compelling messages. Floor graphics are still unique enough that they grab the interest of customers and add another layer to their experience with your brand.

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