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Outdoor advertising is a medium that has been around for a long time. The classic highway billboard has been a staple for outdoor marketers and continues to be an effective tool. However, as advertising budgets have shrank and competition for the target audience’s attention has increased; marketers are looking for more unique and unconventional locations for their ads. Here is a list of some creative placements for outdoor advertising that can offer advertisers some unique opportunities.

The Sky

coca cola hot air balloon

The sky is a location that provides a few different opportunities for outdoor advertising. Aside from the famous Goodyear blimp, advertisers can use hot-air balloons as giant floating billboards. These balloon advertisements can be particularly effective when used during specific hot-air balloon events or festivals. Another creative way to advertise in the sky is through the use of “Flogos”. These “floating logos” are comprised of a light foam substance that allows the small cloud-like flogos to float through the air for as far as 30 miles. Flogos can be shaped and molded to resemble a company’s logo and are ideal for those with strong brand recognition.

Athletic Events

To Boston from London: This one is for you

Athletic events offer a wealth of opportunities for advertisers to get creative with outdoor advertising. For instance, a local marketer may choose to place their logo on the flags of the pins at a local golf tournament. Another example that has been prevalent in Europe for years and has recently been adopted more in the United States is the ability to advertise directly on a team’s uniform.

These types of ad placements are unique as they are an actual part of the athletic event itself. To go even further with this idea, recently marketers have started offering professional athletes compensation to tattoo a logo or sponsored message on their body. This provides the advertiser with the impressions of the audience that sees the athlete both live and on TV, as well as the buzz that is typically generated by such a move.

Modes of Transportation

Bus advertising

These types of ads provide the obvious advantage of mobility. Along with this unique advantage, they also present some interesting locations for outdoor advertising. Aside from the traditional taxi or bus ad marketers can get creative with other modes of transportation. For example, a hand sanitizer company may incorporate the use of subway grip poles into an ad. Also, smaller forms of transportation such as escalators and elevators can be used to produce unique and captivating ads.

Twists on Classic Billboards

Creative Examples of Billboard Designs

As mentioned before, classic billboards can still be used effectively and there are few different things marketers can do to create an interesting twist on the traditional billboard. One interesting twist is to use a building as the backdrop for the billboard and projecting light onto the building to create an interactive image that presents the advertising message.

Also, underwater billboards can be used in areas where glass bottom boats frequently tour or many people dive or snorkel at. These underwater billboards provide the marketer with an ad in an area with little to no competition and the opportunity for highly targeted messages.

These are just some of the many opportunities available for creative outdoor advertising. From tattoos on pro athletes to underwater billboards, the options and choices for outdoor advertising placements are virtually limitless. Outdoor advertising is a medium that has been around for a very long time and as the advertising industry continues to grow and evolve marketers will continue to find more creative and unique ways to utilize it.

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