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Business owners and ambitious professionals often find that they’re more productive when their work places are both aesthetically pleasing and well organized. However, home-based business owners who want to incorporate fresh new designs into their work environments may have budgetary constraints to consider. Here are some cost-saving ideas on how to make a home office inspiring and efficient.

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Less is More.

Good news: The latest design trend for home offices is minimalism. From furniture to textiles to artwork, minimalism means fewer items in your office and less strain on your purse. This trend relies on a few well chosen pieces, like prints from online source Artismo, that set the tone for your workspace. Framed art choices come in complimenting colors so your walls can reflect the real you.

Keep It Simple, Sweetie.

The first order of business in setting up your new work station is setting aside the stuff you just don’t need. Designate an area to store infrequently used items and develop the habit of using that storage area. Decluttering your office can also declutter your mind. Your space will work more efficiently and so will you.

Dress It For Success.

Large design elements like carpets, desks, wall colors, and window treatments can dress your home office in tones that will both ground and invigorate you. Choose solid colors for these larger pieces to help you focus on your work. Pick patterns and prints as accents that compliment your personality and overall design aesthetic.

Small Space With Big Style. 

For a home office in a small room or tucked within a larger area, consider using white or light colored furniture, doors, and trims to help define the space. Under-cabinet LED lighting makes great task lighting and also saves space. DIY shelving and small file cabinets can extend desk space, minimize floor clutter, and add a dash of panache.

Art Works.

Art comes in many forms from a variety of sources. Consider these tips to transform your work space into a stylish and functional work space.

1. Scour thrift stores and garage sales for desks, book cases, and other office items.

2. Craft a collage by adapting a larger picture frame to encase smaller favorite photos.  Not only is this less expensive than using individual frames, but it will make your space more inviting.

3. Create a bulletin board using a large piece of cardboard. Cover it with double folded fabric that compliments the wall color and use no-mark picture hangers to mount it near your desk. Then cover it with calendars, pictures, inspirational quotes, or even use it as a vision board. Personalize and customize your bulletin board to reflect the real you.

4. Decorative metal trays are great for storing supplies. They are cheap, convenient, and easily transportable to any area. Consider using small vases, sugar bowls, vintage jars, and souvenir mugs to store pens, paper clips, stamps, and other small supplies.

As is often said, it is better to have a small quantity of useful items than a large quantity of useless kitsch. Your home-based business has a purpose and your office should reflect that purpose. Strategic and creative home office design can be inexpensive, ergonomic, and innovative.

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LaGeris is always on the lookout for cutting edge trends in home design and decor. Her latest find: Atlanta-based Artismo offers custom framed art for homes and businesses as well as prints by up and coming artists. is also an inspiration for artists seeking to showcase their work and for interior decorators with an eye for a bargain.

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