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One decade ago everything happened in a different way. But, today things have changed for good. Wondering what it is?

Here you go!

Developing an application in IT companies happens in several stages. As a beginner you must know that there are six stages in developing a product or an app. They are Planning, Studying, Designing, Developing, Testing, and Maintenance.

Ten years before all these happened in an order and called as waterfall technique. Every stage got completed and moved to the next stage only to understand the problem if any at the end. Necessary correction happened after completing all stages which invited huge cost loss.

In order to overcome this, Agile Method was introduced and proved to be a dynamic hence successful model. Scrum Master Certification acts a foundation to agile and scrum journey. Let’s take a look at this model in detail in this to write up.


What is it?

Agile process is a procedure adopted by every development company. It includes all the 6 phases as mentioned above. Unlike waterfall model, this method will have a periodical review at each stage to understand if things are progressing in the right direction. It is called an iterative process. Whenever any inconvenience occurs or flaw is identified immediately corrective actions are taken.


How to use it

Sprint is allotted for each phase of the project. It is a time defined for completing modules. At the end of every sprint, the meeting happens to understand the flow continue if ok, else correct the same. Also, daily stand up meeting is conducted to let the team share their updates, view and challenges.

Both developing and testing happen hand in hand and bugs are fixed right there. Customer’s also take part in the sprint to know whether the end product will match their expectation. In case of the mismatch they raise their hands to let know the team and again corrections are discussed and mutually agreed.


Top 6 Benefits of using it

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  1. The agile process will allow everyone to work in sync and thereby saves time and efforts. Here all people get chance to meet others and hence they don’t need to work in dark.
  2. Deviation from the end result is identified then and there to save cost.
  3. Testing is done on a parallel basis which avoids any last minute surprises.
  4. People meet across the table to provide suggestions for changes.
  5. Both the team which includes developers, testers and the client feel empowered. This leads to not only delivery of product on time but also boosts the self-esteem of individuals.
  6. All the above-mentioned benefits make project management quick and simple.


Agile framework

Basics of agile model, it is an iterative process. It involves incremental developing and it is continuous process till the end product is built. This can be achieved using a defined structure called an agile framework. There is not one but nine frameworks been used by organization across the globe. Every framework will be more or less same with their own way of building the product.

The nine frameworks are listed in the infographics shown above. Understand about each framework working model. However, scrum is the most generally used frame followed by Lean Kanban, XP, and FDD.


It primarily focuses on how to manage task within the team to develop a product. The process flow of scrum includes

·      Sprint meeting – Every iteration is called sprint.

·      Product backlog – Start with details of the task to be done to get the end product.

·      Sprint backlog – Pending work at the end of sprint meeting.

·      The team will work on the backlog after prioritizing them.

·      The daily meeting will be held to check the progress.

·      Finally, delivers the product.

Scrum master, product owner and the scrum team together drive the whole development cycle.



Software testing projects used Kanban and it focuses on holding a card defining all the work to be done at every stage till completion. Kanban focuses on visualized workflow.

Kanban flow is almost similar to scrum with the following differences.

·      Work commitment and prioritization are not insisted mandatory which dilutes the focus.

·      Items are not defined of any size and also it can be added based on the availability of capacity.

·      Timeboxed iteration is not strictly.


eXtreme Programming 

This framework follows 6 stages namely the

·      Planning – Requirement gathering and making an agreement between all participants.

·      Analysing – Identifying user story, prioritizing work, defining iteration time, and resource planning.

·      Designing – Splitting task and preparing test scenarios.

·      Executing – Coding, unit testing, manual testing, mid iteration review.

·      Testing – Converting manual to automated testing and regressing testing. Developing a new user story if required.

·      Releasing – Pilot launch, review and release.

This framework is used in manufacturing design where quality is the prime focus.



This framework is used for targeted phases in work. The process includes planning, inspecting to design, promoting to build, inspecting the code and designing.



In summary, with the help of these agile frameworks, agile development happens. One must decide to choose the right framework based on their requirement to successfully develop the product. Sometimes it is also advised to choose hybrid structure in a different phase of the development to make the agile process a fool-proof method.

Other than above frameworks if you want implement scrum at enterprise level or with bigger team having 300-1000 number SAFe plays crucial role in implement scrum at enterprise level.

To understand about SAFe framework, 4 layers and how to connect all the delivery teams attend StarAgile, SAFe Certification program.

Caution: Initially it might be difficult to migrate to this dynamic method for all those who got used to the former waterfall way of working on projects.

Therefore, it is advised to every beginner to start with a open mind, understand the process, work flow, most importantly the terms used. Mindset makes the difference to embrace agile process. Start with scrum which is considered the easiest amongst the others.

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