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As its name depicts online forum are a popular of exchanging ideas and comments on a given platform. Online forums have been in existence for a very long time however of late these forums have evolved into a very powerful marketing tool.

Forum Basics

From a marketing view point the forum marketing tool is used for various reasons but all having the basic intention of reaping in some form of revenue.

The forum marketing tool is used to generate as many back links to the individual’s site as possible. With this facility in place, it is hoped the backlinks will provide the avenue for enhanced traffic flow to the original site.

Creating the circumstances of sending traffic directly to the affiliated links is also another advantage touted in the use of forum marketing.

Using the resources of the affiliated marketers and forum marketing tool then is able to encourage potential viewers from other sites to make purchases of services or products being featured.

These forums also act as a very good source of information though this information sharing platform has been known to have rather dubious content and comments.

The forum marketing tool can and is also popularly used as a point of creating a reputation based on the dissemination of information and its participants.

This building or in some cases the tearing down of reputations does have its own pull factor that encourages further interest from otherwise impartial sources. These forums are also a popular place for website members to submit comments or posts.

Some forum marketing methods can be a good inspirational source while others can be really hardcore marketers. As there are many forums for internet marketing or affiliate marketing, some research should be done to identify the one most suitable that meets the needs of the individual.

The Benefits Of Forum Marketing


Most people use the internet to gain or exchange information on one level or the other. Users are always on the lookout for information on the latest, hottest, and current happenings, services, products or any other going ons around the world.

Then there is the interacting element that is a very enticing and attractive for the users who are keen on having feedback and some form of actual communication on the internet.

Thus the popularity of forums, particularly the marketing forums that have since gained a higher percentage on the popularity chart. These marketing forums allow the individual access to bigger and more established individuals such as gurus and experts in the business.

This is of course invaluable to all those wanting to make a success of their chosen internet forays. Exchanging thoughts and ideas with other marketers on a common platform where discussions on trends, campaigns and other events are all very important exercises in the goal towards optimizing success percentages.

Participating in a forum like Warrior forum, which is touted to be currently the most popular forum, the individual is able to access huge amounts of relevant information.
Many webmasters use this site for their products launches with resounding success. The other benefits would include the helpful assistance provided when seeking added information on products or software that the individual is considering purchasing.

Other forums like 5 Star Affiliate Program easily facilitates accessibility on their threads to develop or enhance the knowledge base of an individual considering any business venture.

For those needing the extra “push” the motivation that can be found in the various discussion rooms will definitely prove to be refreshing. Even for those who may be confused with all the information available, these forums can help clear or create new mindsets.

How To Use Forum Marketing

As there are several popular and not so popular forum on the internet, choosing one that works best for the individual will eventually dictate the effectiveness of its contributions to be success of individual. Finding the forum that most suits the niche the individual in involved in is recommended.

There are several factors that should be carefully considered when trying to ensure the effectiveness of the chosen forum to suit the individual’s needs. Below are some concepts worth considering:

  • Choosing a forum based on the number of members can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of its marketing attributes. The niche the individual is promoting figures into the competitiveness of the members of the chosen forum.
  • Being part of a forum and ensures quality posts with relevant material is where valuable information can be gained. This will have a direct positive effectiveness on the individual’s forays in terms of making the necessary changes for the betterment of the said foray.
  • Using forum that have only a few active participants is also not very effective. It only implies that the forum started out with impressive advertising campaigns but upon joining most would be able to see that the content or information posted is either of little use or worse outdated.
  • Choosing forum that has the HTML facility would effectively ensure the individual signature being used to successfully create backlinks to their website using any anchor terms.
  • Using the forum as a benchmark for honest advice and tips is also another way of ensuring the effectiveness of one’s own site. These valuable bits of information picked up can help steer the individual away from using tried methods that don’t work thus saving the individual a lot of time and effort chasing the wrong styles.

Making Money With Forum Marketing

Touted as being one of the easiest tools to make money on the internet, forum marketing is definitely beneficial if properly used. There are several factors that should be considered and if these are carefully considered then the individual is well on his or her way to making money with this tool.

Choosing an appropriate niche is probable the foremost exercise one should consider in the quest to making money out of the forum marketing tool.

With the right niche a lot of negative factors can be avoided such as over competitiveness, saturated market circumstances to name a few.

The niche selected should ideally cater to select group that is in definite need of the services or product being put forth by the individual. This will almost definitely ensure revenue especially if it is not already saturated with too many existing marketers.

Another feature that ensures the money making concept is the choice of product or service being promoted. Then there is the consideration of price as most forum members are not really interested in making any kind of purchase.

Thus by pricing the product or service at a minimum the attraction can be created to make a purchase. Also designing the product to be appealing and professional delivery of the pitch is also another convicting factor to ensure revenue.

In choosing the most suitable forum to market on the considerations like activity and competitive marketers needs to be noted. Using a forum that has a lot of interactive activity ensures possible interest in what the individual is promoting. Forums that allow promotional signatures that have live links have money making capabilities.

Responding to a set amount of posts daily will also create the level of dedication that can be noticed by participants to the site.

This is an important practice as it gives a positive sense of commitment to the type of service that can be expected from the individual. When this sentiment is achieved, participants in the forum are more likely to consider a purchase.

Forum Etiquette


These matters will help expand your reputation in the forums you link up with, which will prevent individuals from ignoring your posts and debating with you. Utilize all of these tips to acquire the most out of your forum promotion.

Profile data – complete all your profile info, this includes avatar, bio and linking to your sites where possible (at the very least always in signature).

General posting – “I agree, lol” isn’t a valid post. Keep your posts intriguing, funny and avoid utilizing ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (see, its bothersome).

Study rules – naturally you don’t wish to get banned, many forums have the same rules these days, but a fast study of the rules never hurts.

Keep away from fire wars – Don’t argue with individuals on forums, regardless who they are, from time to time you’re going to run into individuals simply seeking a fight. These individuals are quickly banned, no need to harm your reputation.

Respect admin – Goes without stating, it’s their forum so observe them and their rules. Likewise includes moderators and members with elevated reputation in the forums.

Lurk – do not jump straight into the forum, you might as well be on a martyr operation. Take time to learn the forum, who are the top members? What sort of discussion do they center on? What are the most popular subjects?

Doesn’t pirate remain on topic – I see this daily and it’s a one way ticket to dropping off respect. Don’t pirate somebody’s thread and ask your own questions (unless it proceeds and adds to the same discussion), begin your own thread! Likewise make certain all your posts are related to the master post.

Be dynamic – Post on a regular basis, depending upon the amount of time you have free. I presently take part in several forums. A few I check daily, a few once a week. Make an effort to make a particular number of posts each visit.

Keep track – make certain you check back on all the threads you posted in, just in case someone asks you something. There are e-mail notifications that may do this, depending upon the forum. Also make certain to post in recent discussion, if it’s a week old, exit it.

Images – Don’t post images in massive resolutions that take years to load, your safest pick whenever you include images is to utilize the link to the picture, not the picture itself.

Likewise label the image suitably.

What To Stay Away From

Blindly joining forums on the internet is the mistake most new comers often make. In doing so some come away feeling disillusioned or worse still cheated. Thus taking the time to research the many possibilities available and choosing the marketing forum that is most suitable to the individual’s needs would be well worth the time and effort.

Perhaps the most important thing to avoid would be to join a forum without having a clear strategy in mind. Without defining the needs of whether the idea is to establish backlinks or promote products or exchange views and comments, simply charging in would not benefit anyone.

Being ambiguous about one’s intentions of participating in the forum should be avoided as it would only contribute to the mistrust element being formed.

Avoid posting inconsistent and random information on the marketing forum sites. In trying to create some level of trust and integrity in the service or product being promoted, the avoidance of giving useless and uninformative feedback is advised. Building trust within the forum community should be paramount at all times.

Avoid wasting time when surfing for suitable forums to join. Then when the choice is made avoid wasting time thinking of interesting things to share or contribute.
As using time wisely is an important factor to ensuring the success of any money making venture, spending too much time at a particular forum without gaining or contributing any useful information should be avoided.

And as a final thought… Not making use of the personal signature file feature in the forum is a mistake that should be avoided. This usually happens with newer members to the sites who often don’t realize the enormity of the mistake. Using the signature file will ensure the buildup of load anchors rich in backlinks and thus contribute to the enhancement of traffic to the individual’s site. So start using forums today!

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