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Photo sharing phenomenon Pinterest, has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms ever. With over 2 million people using the site every day, this is one party your business needs to be joining.

If you’re unfamiliar with the site, Pinterest is a social notice board where users ‘pin’ images on themed boards. These images can be anything and everything, with many going viral in a matter of days. The most popular boards include food, fashion, and arts.

If your business doesn’t fit comfortably within any of these niches, you may be wondering how Pinterest can work for you. But as long as there’s a visual element to your business in some way or another, you should at least give the site a go. Especially for its search engine optimisation (SEO) powers.

Just like your website, blog, and other marketing strategies, Pinterest is a great tool for link building – especially in the wake of Google’s latest algorithm updates. If you can take the time to properly optimize the content you pin, you can have huge success on the site. And it’s not as tricky as it sounds:

Uploading and Repining Content

The sites guidelines state that you shouldn’t use your boards purely for self promotion. While you can pin your own content, it’s important you mix it up. Upload our own content that is visually attractive and relevant, as well as repining content from other users. In terms of SEO, if you upload your own content you can add relevant backlinks and keywords to help people find your pins.

Link Building

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, the main aim of social networking is to get a link back to your website. Pinning content straight from your website links back to the source, so is a great way to create backlinks for internal pages. If these images are repined, you get another link back. When you upload a pin manually, be sure to add a link to the image to improve your strategy.

Board and Pin Optimization

In order for your content to be repined, you need to ensure they’re easily found. To do this, make sure you name your boards very specifically in order to increase the chance of them ranking. Likewise, when adding a caption to your pins, keep them keyword rich. Use words people will be searching for to make sure your pins are right at the top…


Finally, Pinterest is about sharing content and networking with industry peers and your customers. Keep your content relevant, interesting, and eye-catching. Repin from a variety of sources to get your name ‘out there’. Unlike many other social media sites, Google crawls your boards for information, meaning they can rank independently.

When the site was in its infancy, many people decided to ‘wait it out’ to see whether Pinterest is really worth investing in. But its rapid growth and huge popularity make it a must-join site for many companies. As long as you have a visual element to your company, you can make the most of the site. And with it proving so useful in terms of SEO, you really have nothing to lose.

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