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Many business owners are so worried about getting positive reviews that they neglect watching out for the negative ones that could creep up out of nowhere. If you think for one minute that positive reviews are more important, you’re wrong. There could be 99 positive reviews about a product or company but it’s that one negative one that’s going to stick out and make consumers rethink their choice. That being said, some business owners actually use negative reviews to their advantage, as inappropriate as that may sound.

Does Google Recognize Bad Reviews

Now, if you do get a bad review you may assume that Google is going to demolish you where ranking is concerned but this is not really the case. When consumers do a Google search to decide where to buy a product, they trust that the search results ranked highest with Google are places that are safe to spend their money. However, Google doesn’t take negative reviews into consideration. Do you really think that Google bots have the time to constantly adjust ranking based on whether a new customer leaves a positive or negative comment?

If this was the case, you would have ever company going out of their way to leave negative reviews for their competition all day long. Not really a productive way to spend your time.

Why Some Companies aren’t Bothered by Negative Reviews

You may or may not already know that it can be really hard to get a positive review. Customers typically need to be blown away by a product or service to take the time to write a positive review but it only takes them being mildly aggravated or disappointed to write a negative one.

Domain spammers could care less about negative reviews because they have plenty of other domains coming up behind a targeted one. They could get banned for Visa, MasterCard and search engines but all they have to do is change their name, email, domain and product and they are back in business. Negative reviews have no effect on small time scammers because they are back up running in the blink of an eye.

Should You Care about Negative Reviews?

You may be wondering if you should care about negative reviews or even stop working so hard for positive ones. In a nutshell, if you want a successful long-term business, you need to make ethical choices. There are huge financial and legal risks otherwise, are these things you really want to deal with?

If you would be ashamed or embarrassed to reveal your marketing strategy to a family member then you shouldn’t be doing it. Sure, it may be tempting to write negative reviews for SEO purposes since search engines can’t tell the difference but really, is that the type of business you want to run? Positive reviews may be harder to come by but they are well worth it and something you can be proud of.

Do Positive Reviews Really Benefit You?

If you already have a lot of positive reviews, you may be wondering if it’s even important that you work hard for more. Well, it is! There are some sites like, and that still offer link popularity which is something you’re not going to get with negative reviews. If you do get a negative review, you shouldn’t get discouraged though; even this can work in your favor. If you make the problem right, future consumers will see that you are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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