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If you’ve picked up a newspaper or paid any attention to the news of late, you will certainly have heard someone, somewhere mention CBD oil. This is a subject that has met with some controversy, much of it thanks to basic misunderstandings, so what is it all about?

The talk is all about the legalization of ‘medical marijuana’, in general terms. This is, of course, where the controversy begins. The simple fact is that certain elements of the Cannabis Sativa plant have been known for a long time to provide therapeutic effects to users. However, it’s best known as the plant you smoke to get ‘high’! That’s why a little explanation is needed.


What is CBD Oil?

Cbd oil

Let’s start at the beginning: CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis sativa plant. There are, within this quite amazing plant, many different compounds that can be isolated, plenty of which have medicinal – or other – uses. These are known as cannabinoids.

Now, among the most common is an element known as THC (we’ll leave it at that, as we’re not interested in it ultimately); this is the cannabinoid that, when ingested or smoked, may induce the famous psychoactive ‘high’ that cannabis is known for.

While THC does have some medicinal uses, it’s not the cannabinoid we’re interested in here: that is cannabidiol, or CBD. Cannabidiol does not induce the psychoactive effect of THC – and CBD oil contains no THC – so we can now dismiss the mistaken belief that CBD oil will get you ‘high’; it quite simply will not.

This is why there is some controversy about the legalization of CBD oil for medicinal use; it’s purely a case of mistaken identity! If we consider that at least 30 states across the USA have seen the benefit of legalizing CBD oil for medicinal use, things become clearer.

So, is it suitable for use in treating stress?


CBD Oil and Stress

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Before we go on, it’s important to understand that as CBD oil has only recently been legalized – and still not everywhere – research into its properties, benefits and effect is still ongoing. In fact, more and more benefits are being uncovered, proving that this may be one of the most important new medicinal compounds of the modern age.

As yet, it has not been approved by the FDA – the relevant governing body – as suitable for the treatment of the likes of stress, anxiety and depression, yet there is no shortage of testimony from users who attest to its effectiveness for such conditions.

Many users who suffer from stress take CBD oil in the form of tinctures. These can be added to your food or – as is preferred by many – you place them under the tongue where they dissolve, for fast action. The result is – as reported by a lot of people who have taken these tinctures – a lot of relief from stress, more balanced moods, and also a great effect on anxiety and depression. If you visit CBD Oil Geek which is an authority website on all things CBD, you’ll find many more examples of how it can be used.


Try It Now

Bear this in mind: although research is continuing and CBD oil is yet to be FDA approved for some uses – including the treatment of stress – it is completely safe. Remember it is not the compound that produces the psychoactive effect of cannabis – none of that is present in any CBD oil product – so as long as it is legal to buy where you are, why not give it a go, and see if it helps balance your moods? You could be joining the many people who have found CBD oil to be exactly what they were looking for.

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