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Proper sleep been proven to increase productivity, because it helps memory, attention, and it’s essential for both learning and creativity.

Did it happen again to you this morning? The chances are that, if it did, that’s why you are here to read this guide. Few things are as disheartening as watching that amazing dream, that place that put you at the very precipice of invention and success, fade away. When we wake back up in old reality, we feel dejected; worse yet, when your dreams don’t finish or they have an unsatisfactory ending, it can leave us yearning for more.

The problem is that just dropping back into sleep isn’t quite so simple. How, then, can you make sure that you are making the right calls with regards to improving dreaming for years to come? 

The Do’s

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Start off by looking to improve your melatonin levels. It’s one of the best ways to start moving towards a much more enjoyable way of dreaming. Improved melatonin levels improve lucid dreaming ability, making sure that you can have those high-end dreams that you deserve. To make that possible, you simply need to spend some time out of the sun. Close those blinds over, make sure that you are totally clear of any kind of distraction or annoyance that is going to make it hard for you to get a good night’s sleep!

Also, on that front, you need to try and get a longer sleep. The more time that you spend sleeping at night, you are improving the chances of your REM sleep numbers going up. Your mind can generate more REM sleep when it has a longer time to actually sleep, which is going to lead to more powerful and lucid dreams that are more than just a muddle of ideas. Also, try and reduce the temperature in the room as a cooler, darker room can make sure we retain a level of comfortable sleep for longer.

Try and change the way that you sleep at night. Many people find that just by changing the way that they lie when they sleep, they can make a huge change to the quality of dreaming that they can undertake. Indeed, it was discovered that those who managed to sleep on their stomachs actually enjoy a more productive spell when dreaming. Sadly, if you sleep on your back, you are more inclined to do annoying things like snore which can reduce the quality of sleep that you get as well as the ability to easily interrupt dreams by waking yourself up.

Play a video game before bed. Video games give us one of the easiest ways to import dreams into the mind. It’s because they allow us to go into an external state of mind, out of our own bodies and into the minds of the characters that we control. It’s like mind control via pad or keyboard; you take control and allow your mind to wander and be creative. As such, when you head to bed you are likely to be less surprised by the chance of finding yourself in a dream, having gotten used to controlling another being.

The Don’ts

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Get too busy before bedtime. Strangely, games make a good argument for this not being the case, but if you find that you end up sitting up listening to music, watching TV etc. then you can be too mentally alert to do anything more productive at bed. Instead, try and shut off the mind and just concentrate on your breathing in the serenity of darkness. It might take a bit of time to get used to trying this out, but it’s going to make a big difference to the way that you are likely to be feeling when dozing off – and thus improving the chances of actually having a dream.

Drink coffee or tea any time after dinner. Many people do this but they manage to improve their alertness and thus when they go to bed their bodies are less relaxed, making it harder to fall into and then flow with a dream. If you tend to enjoy a little coffee after dinner, then you can be making it harder to switch off at night. Indeed, many people believe that having no drinks of this sort after dinner can make a big difference to the kind of emotions you feel when we are trying to sleep.

Avoid smoking cannabis on your way to bed. Enjoying a joint or whatever your choice is before bed might seem like a good idea, but going to bed stoned is only going to make it harder to get into a dream and make the most of it. The more that you smoke weed, the more likely that you are to damage your chances of having a strong dream. It’s because marijuana messes with our sleep and our memory recollection that it becomes increasingly difficult for us to have a quality dream when under the influence.

Use your smartphone in bed. It makes it way too easy to just stay awake and to make it harder for us to even fall asleep. If you try and shut off at night, you’ll likely be shocked at just how hard it is to shut down and get going if you have been sitting on Twitter or whatever at night. When you crawl into these bed sheets, make sure that you leave your phone out of reach and out of mind. If you aren’t going to distract yourself at night with video games that improve our dreaming potential, avoid any kind of screen otherwise!

With all of this in mind, then, you should have a much easier time in future making sure that you can leave behind the problems that are making it hard for you to enjoy those dreams. Whether you keep missing out on that crucial answer at night that could help you solve that problem you are having, or you just wish to have a bit more understanding of what goes in that mind of yours, use the above to maintain your chances of having incredible dreams.

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