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Client from hell. Whatever industry you’re a part of, this type of client is ever-so-present. And while the old adage “The customer is always right” has merit, it’s important for clients to understand that workers aren’t magicians or fortune tellers.

For graphic designers, unreasonable clients or those who won’t give a remark in the beginning but will be full of mind-numbing opinions in the end can be a pain in the neck—literally and figuratively. Graphic designers are pretty much upbeat people with sunny dispositions. They’re often casual, accommodating, and laid-back. You provide them with the specifics of what you want, and they can do the job without you breathing down their necks all the time. But this mellow and easygoing nature of graphic designers are usually thrown out of the window when faced with a client who doesn’t know what he wants.

Because, clients, let’s face it. If you’re going to hire someone to do a job for you, it’s incomprehensible if you don’t have even the slightest idea of what you want. The reason why you’re hiring someone – and in this case, a graphic designer – is because you don’t have either the skills or time to make the project yourself. But if you know you’re not capable of creating it, then you definitely have an idea what IT is.

Unreasonable clients are aplenty. Some are tagged as such because they don’t want to provide particulars about what they want. You ask, “What color combination you want?” Client answers, “Anything will do.” And when you pry and pry with no coherent reply, and you just do what you think is apt as per the client’s insistence, the end product can be a toss-up game. Either your client will appreciate YOUR work—because it’s yours in every sense of the word—or will recite a litany of why “it should be this, it should be that.” Regardless, the ending is frustrating and unsatisfying.

So for clients and graphic designers alike, for future smoother transactions, take heed of these warnings or the things you should never say to a graphic designer.













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