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Getting lost can be an unsettling feeling, making us miss important meetings and appointments, wasting valuable time and money for everyone involved. Fortunately, there is extensive search-and-map technology available for iPhone to help you find your way quickly every time.

Here are 10 of the most popular navigational apps for iPhone:


1. Waze

Waze is often described as a social networking navigational app because it allows users to share information about local traffic problems or construction zones. You can connect with other “Wazers” through this app, or via Facebook, with which it is integrated, or find affordable fuel through the Waze cheap gas locator.

2. Magellan Roadmate

This app offers traffic information, Yelp reviews and red light camera locations so you can avoid expensive tickets. Magellan Roadmate also offers turn-by-turn navigation and can even help you find your car. There is also a pedestrian mode for those seeking directions on foot.

3. MapQuest4Mobile

MapQuest4Mobile is an affordable (free!) and dependable navigational device, including voice-guided directions, pedestrian mode and an estimated time of arrival feature that can help the user more accurately plan trips.

4. TomTom

TomTom offers searching capabilities through Facebook and Foursquare, free map updates, lane guidance and even optional celebrity voices. This app provides up-to-the-minute alerts for accidents and roadblocks, so if driving in traffic is a daily issue for you, this would be a great app to consider.

5. iWant

More than just a map app, iWant tells you exactly where restaurants, stores, bars, banks and any other business you’re seeking are located, with Yelp reviews, and a convenient feature that allows you to control search radius. If you are an on-the-go, social person, this app can help.

6. Google Maps

Google Maps is exactly what it sounds like: Google Maps from your computer is now available for your phone. This app even includes the satellite and street view function you’ve come to know and love.

7. CoPilot Live

Known for being one of the most affordable and comprehensive navigational apps available, CoPilot Live features online maps and local traffic updates. Integrated with multiple search engines, this app can help you find the easiest and most trouble-free route to any destination.

8. Gokivo Navigator

Gokivo offers maps, searches and helpful traffic updates, including new routes to help you around recent road blockages. This app gives the user a destination map and starts navigation en route with the push of a button.

9. AAA TripTik

With many of the same conveniences AAA membership boasts, such as hotel and restaurant reviews, reservations and suggestions on where to find the best deal on gasoline, among other things, this navigational app also offers voice guidance to your desired destination. And as with any AAA membership, if your vehicle breaks down, they offer roadside assistance, with the benefits of this app’s ability to alert the auto club to your exact location, vehicle and problem.

10. Automilez

In addition to providing maps and navigation, Automilez can keep track of how far you drive and how much money you spent getting there, which can help with budgeting and figuring out if a trip is worth taking. Extremely user-friendly, this app only requires that you enter your odometer reading before you start to manage your miles.

With these handy navigational apps, never again will you be late for a very important date. And you will find the fastest, most efficient way to get there, as well.

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