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Getting better SEO rankings for your Facebook Fan Page is a tedious task. It requires a specific set of skills and a lot of patience. There are several techniques and methods to improve your Facebook Fan Page SEO, however, only a few can really deliver. Our aim today is to help you improve your Fan Page SEO. Let’s jump in.

Choose the best name for your page


One of the most basic and effective SEO techniques for a Facebook Fan Page is the use of the optimal name. You really have to think about what your brand is and what you want to be known as.

Having a name that has a lot of keywords will most likely affect your rankings as it will appear spammy and less likely to get traffic. In contrast, you also have to keep your name from being too generic like sports, travel, or hobby because this will likely make you blend in with the other similar pages, which will result in low rankings.

Additional tip: The first word of your Fan Page name should be the one that has more weight than the other word/s.

Create a custom vanity URL

Once you get 25 likes, you will have access to this technique. This will allow you to create a unique URL (or username) for your Fan Page. With this, you just have to use words that target your fan page name. By doing so, you leverage yourself in search engines because the algorithms in them give great importance to the words in the URL and the URL itself.

Additional tip: If your intended fan page name is already claimed by another person or business, just add more info on what your page is about in your URL.

Place keywords in strategic locations

Similar to normal websites, placing keywords in specific locations on your fan page can up your rankings. The most crucial parts to focus on are Company description, About section, and Mission. It is because these three sections are pulled out as SEO elements in search engines. So you have to really take time to write in these sections. But make them simple and straightforward, using only minimal yet important words and keywords.

Additional tip: Make these sections 140 characters only in order for your message to be displayed as a snippet on search engines.

Get backlinks from existing channels

The more inbound links you have, the more authoritative your page appears to search engines, hence you get better rankings. This is why it’s very important for you to post on other websites, blogs, and forums that link back to your Fan Page. If you have a blog or website, it is important to put a Facebook button or link that will redirect your users to your Fan Page. Moreover, it’s also a good idea to publish articles about your page on article directories. This would give you high PR backlinks which significantly increases your rankings.

Optimize status updates

Keep in mind that wall posts on your Fan Page can be optimized. You have to take advantage of the fact that your posts mean a great deal in your rankings. So it’s important to use the right keywords in your post because this will be considered as the SEO title for that particular post. Moreover, adding a link that corresponds to it would also help.

Additional tip: Search engines give importance to the first word of your wall post. It would be advisable to make it a keyword.

Facebook notes SEO

Commonly underutilized, Facebook notes can be a significant source of better SEO rankings. The fact is that when used appropriately, making notes can be a very effective, quick, and easy way to improve your page’s overall SEO.

The elements that you should focus on in a note are: Title and Meta data. The title element is a no brainer; you just use a couple of words that represent your note. On the Meta data, you have to format it like this – (Fan Page name) wrote a note titled, (note title).

Include address and tel/mobile numbers

Surprisingly, placing an address and contact numbers on your Fan Page allows you to index your brand, which will later lead to improving your SEO rankings. In addition, your address and contact numbers can be used by search engines as a ranking element for your Fan Page. Like Google, it gives greater importance to pages with them because it is seen as being genuine and gives value to people.

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