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When you have a job and a family, it can often feel like there’s little time for anything else. You may be in the habit of putting your own wants and needs behind everyone else’s. Freelance writing may be a dream or a goal of yours, but you might think that your days are just too jam-packed to find the time to do it.

If you really want to do freelance writing, you have to believe it’s possible, and it is. When you really have the determination to do something, you can make it happen, and it might be easier than you think. Here are some easy ways that you can work freelance writing into your daily routine.

Find Inspiration Everywhere

Oftentimes one of the challenges with freelance writing is coming up with new ideas. If you can’t think of any topics, you’ll waste valuable writing time trying to find the inspiration. As you’re going about your day, look for inspiration everywhere you go. Get in the habit of asking yourself, “What could I write about this?” or, “How could I turn this experience into a story or article?” Ask yourself those questions about absolutely everything, and you should be able to brainstorm a lot of topics to keep on queue. Multi-tasking is one of the best ways to find more time to write.

Schedule It

Freelance writing is important to you, so don’t just get to it whenever. You probably write done a daily schedule for yourself, so set aside specific time for freelance writing. Write down exactly what time you’ll start and stop writing, and you’ll have no excuse not to. If you have a defined writing time, it will be easier to accomplish some work as part of your daily routine.

Enlist the Help of Your Family

Your family members are probably the biggest supporters of your freelance writing pursuits. If you need more time to write, try to enlist their help. While they can’t create more hours for you, they can potentially help you free up more of your time. They could take on one of your responsibilities for you from time to time, for example.

At the very least, talking to your family about your goals will make it easier for you to accomplish them. If they understand that you want to devote a certain time to writing, they’re more likely to be respectful of your efforts and give you space to work without distractions.

Reexamine Your Priorities

You may not be able to cut back on your hours at your job or stop doing things for your family, but taking a closer look at your priorities may help you find more time to write. What exactly do you spend your time doing all day long? You may have hidden openings in your routine. Is there anything you spend time on that is less important than freelance writing to you? Time spent watching a favorite TV show or hitting the snooze button might be better used for your writing.

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