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Despite the increase of the use of social media in online marketing in recent years, e-mail marketing continues to be one of the most effective and efficient methods of communicating with your potential and current customers; however, in order for e-mail marketing to be successful, you have to get your prospects to actually open up and read your e-mails and then take a specific action. The following are six e-mail marketing tips every online marketer should know:

Customize your message for your audience.

One of the biggest mistakes companies can make with their e-mail marketing campaigns is sending out a general e-mail blast without considering who their audience truly is. Personalized messages, tailored to entice a specific demographic are far more effective than general messages.

Don’t undervalue the “From” line of your message.

One survey, conducted by AdAge, found that most consumers used the “From” line of an e-mail to determine whether or not to open the message, while less than a third decided whether or not to read the message by the “Subject” line. Ensure your “From” line clearly indicates that you’re the one sending the message and that you’re sending the message from a credible e-mail address (e.g. no Hotmail or Gmail accounts).

Make it worth their while.

In the “Subject” line, give the reader an incentive to open the e-mail and read further. Offer a discount or other special offer that the reader can learn more about by reading the e-mail. This will not only help increase the percentage of your e-mails that are read, but also the number of recipients who convert into actual customers.

Use social media to your advantage.

Social media can enhance your e-mail marketing campaign. Use Facebook and Twitter to allow followers to subscribe to your e-mails. In addition, include social media links your readers can use to share your e-mail message with colleagues, friends and family members.

Ensure your e-mails are viewable on mobile devices.

The increasing prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices means more and more busy people are retrieving and reading their e-mails on their mobile devices. Make sure your marketing e-mails can be read properly on these devices.

Start off with a bang.

Don’t beat around the bush with your e-mail messages. Get to the point right away with why your readers should take action and do business with your company. Not only will this strategy ensure that what shows up in their e-mail previews is exciting, which can determine whether or not they open the message or send it to the trash, but you need to give your prospects a clear idea of why they should continue reading from the get-go. Don’t make them hunt for the point of your e-mail messages. They won’t.

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Posted by Randall Davidson

Email marketing is paramount to a successful online marketing strategy, according to Randall Davidson, an SEO trainer and the author of this guest post. Randall provides SEO consulting services to clients across the United States.

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