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Being a great writer isn’t just putting pen to paper as many believe it to be. As a writer you are also a researcher, a computer engineer, a proof reader and a fantastic typist.  Being good at what you do requires a certain level of skills in certain areas and fantastic skills in others, but you are basically a jack of all trades when it comes to online writing.

If you think about the time and effort that goes into one blog or article, you need to thoroughly research the topic, you need to come up with a great title, you need to write it like you are an expert on the subject, you need to proof read your work for grammatical and spelling errors and you have to type at lightening speeds.

Well if you are like me you need to type fast, the ideas flow at such rapid rates when I’m writing that I can’t seem to get my fingers to work fast enough across the keyboard.  Then comes the additional drama that no one takes into consideration and that is the internet going down, your computer developing a funny noise or your computer shutting down unexpectedly. You really do need to know everything when it comes to this line of work.

People Read Blogs because they’re Informative

But the one thing I cannot stress enough in all of this is the research. Writing a blog without doing throughout research is a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. People read blogs because they’re informative, they teach them something they didn’t know and they keep them up to date with interesting facts. How can you give your readers that without thoroughly researching each topic?

This is why it’s always such a surprise to me when someone thinks my job is easy, I love what I do don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely not easy or quick.  Often you are faced with boring topics to write about and you need to sit down and thoroughly research those topics in order to enhance you writing. You can’t write an exciting or informative article on something you know nothing about; people will just bypass it with a laugh.

Writing good SEO copywriting is so much more than just plain writing, we need to be research analysts, we need to be editors and we need to be computer engineers; otherwise we couldn’t do what we do well.

Every Day is a New Challenge

Every day is a new challenge and I actually think I have some great knowledge on a lot of different subjects thanks to all the research I do each and every day. The research is the most time consuming part of writing any article, scouring websites searching for valid information. Once I have the research in front of me then the process speeds up two fold as the ideas flow and my fingers get talking over the keyboard, but up until that point it’s just a boring subject with loads of research.

I have found that taking time to research each topic thoroughly is the best way to enhance any article, couple that with good keywords and you are doing a phenomenal job.  Most of us write because we love it, we have a way with words and a way of expressing ourselves through our writing, making it informative and interesting for people to read, add in the right amount of research and you have an amazing article on the blandest topic known to man.

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