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Designing a website is not a child’s play. Its not something that you randomly throw on a particular place that has some graphics and some other information such as the name and the contact information. This kind of practice arises when there is a lack of understanding to harness the Internet as the valuable source of business. The market being flooded with web designing and development services, you need to be well equipped with just the right questions and their right answers.

Getting a website designed with a sophistication, content and the graphics being the major attention-grabber and the Search Engine Optimisation practices, thus producing apt results is what you need. In this article, the various levels of developing a website and what questions to ask of perspective design agencies have been covered to make the process easier for you. The methodologies, which are applied before and after the project is complete and the positive sides of consulting with proven SEO specialists to be able to lead to a successful site implementation that would result in a better ROI have also been covered in this article—

The Right Domain:

Keep your domain name short and the one which is easier to remember. Keeping it short rather than having  long domain name with all the keywords possible, makes it more accurate, spares the common spelling disaster, easy to remember and saves the printing cost.

Try and think of a different domain name. It should not match to your competitors because the chances are high that the visitor makes a spelling mistake and ultimately lands up to a web page that shares almost the same domain name and ranks high. And do remember to implement a 301 permanent redirect so that you are not penalised by the search engines for having duplicate content with the several domain names pointing towards one site.

Potential Web Hosting Providers:

Do they allow large e-mail campaigns? Availability of maximum output and site accessibility, large campaigns and spamming from their servers, type of server backup process, static I.P. Addresses at a reasonable price and many others such questions are mandatory while you opt for a web hosting company.

Can you imagine thousands of people living under the same roof? No… ?

Then, you won’t feel good or even would not want yourself to be landed in a situation where thousands of sites hosted in a shared environment. Once the I.P. address is flagged as spam then, all the websites sitting behind that one I.P. address are blocked.

Choosing a good web host provider becomes your utmost priority as many hosting providers especially, the ones on a larger scale, have restrictions based on polices for the masses ran by a service centre with limited or no access to the actual server your site sits on. This limits the owner or webmaster of the site to be able to run certain applications.

The Design Says It All:

Choosing a web designer well equipped with the expertise over a professional design software program such as Adobe Photoshop. The design and the look of your website says it all, and as it has been already said, “A book is well Judged by its cover”, it for this you just cannot afford to deal with an inexperienced website designer using Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver. The overall process is important and needs a discussion between the S.E.O. strategist with both the owner of the project and designer of the site, before someone hits the board.

The designer’s portfolio, his/her familiarity with the latest trends, the number of programs used for designing, delivery time, use of custom design or a template that is modified… and many other such valid questions form the key while choosing a designer.

A qualified designer is well aware of the hows and whys, whats and tricks to design a productive and an eye-candy site for your targetted audience and which, still keeps within the Search Engine Guidelines and Standards.

Now comes the Development Stage:

Search Engine Optimisation expert is the key to the developmental stage. The various platforms on which your website needs to be developed and the strategies to be able to meet your goals set forth the beginning of the project, is the sole purpose of an SEO expert.

The another key to the developmental stage is the Content Management System, which prove to be light and user-friendly. With an appropriate training from your service provider, you can edit all the changes you want on your site yourself. No need to get a 3rd party software and spend additional money.

Cross browser compatiblity, warranty period, use of <div> because tables are no longer in use, type of CMS they offer, future expansion growth, dynamic and XML sitemap and other such useful parameters you ought to keep in mind while you choose a platform for your website.

SEO is not an overnight fix:

Imagine you have a great looking website, functions as it should, and has a strong foundation of Basic S.E.O. applied to it during the development process doesn’t mean that you are going to get noticed in a day.

Once you are done with everything, it’s time for the engines to come in and to evaluate and recognise your business and most importantly, value and trust your site.

—Its not that you have spent more than enough and your site ranks high. Now, here comes the job of an SEO to plan out strategies to bring in value to your page. Newsletters, press releases, blog articles, banner advertising, and respective linking are some of such methods. Research, trial and error is what a  successful  SEO implementation takes to see any type of ROI for your project.

When selecting a Website Development Company, asking the right questions is just as important as getting the right answers. And these fundamentals or in other words, essentials become very important to a successful web designing, development and SEO practices.

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