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All those years back, when the internet was born, websites were a luxury. Very few websites existed at that time, and all of them purely informational. However, the years have seen many changes that have completely redone the whole conception of the internet.

I mean, when I started off in my career, I would’ve never thought that people could buy stuff and pay bills through the internet. And now, my kid doesn’t believe me when I say we did not have Facebook back then.

So obviously, the whole notion of websites and all that the internet can offer has certainly undergone a massive overhaul. People have become hungrier for advancements and don’t settle for whatever is offered to them.

Website Redesign

Having said that, what about those sites that were created back then? Although they were the pioneering sites, will you want to visit a static page? My guess is, not. I mean, I see the youngsters today and I know it for a fact that nobody, NOBODY likes the usual. This is why website redesigning becomes extremely important in establishing and promoting one’s online presence.

It has become extremely important in keeping with the times in order to produce nothing but the best so that more and more people turn to your website, rather than your competitors. Like I mentioned earlier, websites were only for the elite. But today, having a website is the first thing that a company needs.

Customers expect the company to have a website, even before they know what the product is all about. Before one would buy the product, he would like to go through the product details on the website, look up reviews and references through other sites and observe your company credibility through your site.

A Website redesign is aimed at keeping in sync with the present day requirements and to ensure that you have not become redundant.

The New factors you must take care of


Redesigning a website doesn’t entail recreating the whole thing. It definitely does not involve creating everything from scratch. What it does include is the correct usage of the given resources and revamping the critical areas. The few things that you should focus on are:

  • Visitor Participation

Visitor Participation is basically a phenomenon induced by the actions of the website which requires an ‘active’ and not passive role played by the website visitor. This may involve you to create a chat box, or a place where the user is required to poll or leave comments. Please note this can only be successful if the User response is again responded to immediately.

  • Color Awareness

Color plays a very important role in the first impressions that a person makes of the website. Ensure that the colors that you use completely corroborate with the local theme. You don’t want to create a charity website in punk metal colors. Pick colors which accentuate the theme.

  • Minimalist design

Minimalist design is a latest approach to the whole idea of website design. A minimal design entails that a website is particularly designed with a singular central element. All the unnecessary pomp is to be done away with. This doesn’t mean that you will have to strip off the website to the bare minimum.

It however, does mean to be able to create a design that is more like a blank canvas with one single portrait. Because the page has a single element, the entire user’s attention will be focused on this. This proves to be very effective because it helps you to convey the important message to the visitor, without diverting his attention to anything else.

  • Clear links

Obviously, one single page can’t hold all the information on the website. This is why there are many pages in a website. So, everything is divided in subtitles and sub categories. These categories have links which redirect to those pages. This is why it is very important to place these links very clearly. One has to be able to take one look at the website and know where he can get what information. He should not be going in circles looking for things. Highlighting the key links in the sitemap too may be a good idea.

Other important details include a strong focus on the content, creating detailed tabs and reducing the amount of scrolling one has to do on a page, by creating specific subtitles. Keeping the site clutter free too is a very good idea.

Ensure that the people have a strong and clear message to get. You don’t want to confuse the people and distract them with unnecessary information. Keep it simple, elegant and clear. Ensure that one screen size shows the maximum that you have to offer. Usually, people do not prefer scrolling a lot (especially with new devices). The world is moving towards new devices. Ensure that your website is easy to view and optimized for most of the devices.


A lot has changed since the yesteryears. If you want to be successful it is best to change with the times. Only the trees that bend in the storm survive it. The ones that refuse to bend are broken. Every business owner has a business because he aims to “serve” the people. Service entails that you give what people are looking for.

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Posted by Daliah Kaif

This is a guest post by Daliah Kaif, Currently working at Viteb. Which is a leading Outsource Joomla development and Web Design Company based in India. Her interests span from professional Joomla development and website redesign services. She has  also enjoyed writing for his specialization, that is, website redesign on various forums.

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