There is a feeling when you watch a sci-fi movie that the futuristic ideas and objects are so far off, that you won’t live to see them. Well, the evolution of technology is moving so rapidly that it’s even made the old cliché, “the future is now”, obsolete. The future was actually yesterday, thanks to an ad agency that has released a new system called Facedeals.

Offers, Deals and Discounts Coming to a Face Near You

Years ago, many advertisements went the digital route. Everyone has encountered a digital ad whether it’s in Times Square, at a bus stop, on a billboard along the highway, or sometimes even in a bathroom at a bar or nightclub. Imagine now that you see that same advertisement, and due to facial recognition technology, that it recognizes you, and personally tailors an ad or discount based on information you have provided on social media websites.

This will undoubtedly make business owners and companies giddy, as it will streamline and decrease their marketing and advertising costs, while also offering immediate point-of-sale incentive to make a purchase. This will not please privacy advocates though, and those vigilant of big brother, as this type of invasive connectivity teeters on the edge of a techno dystopia. Think all of the creepiest sci-fi movies that warned of this, coming to life: 1984, Minority Report and They Live, to name a few.

How does it work?  Cameras installed in business will scan your face and match it against a database of files collected from social media networks. Based on your history, and “likes”, the system will generate on the spot, customized offers for you. Businesses will never have to worry again if their ad campaign is going to be a success. In addition to your social media dossier, if combined with your digital travel history (via smartphone for example) and your income bracket, advertisers will be able to hone in on your deepest material desires with laser like precision.

From Bars to Dating Sites, Nowhere to Hide

Bars and nightclubs are already implementing the software after checking IDs to better tailor drink specials and other offers to patrons. Other more malevolent applications of the software will revoke your anonymity.  Frequently people use dating sites without supplying their real name.

If you’re scanned into a facial recognition system, that same system can find your face across a wide variety of platforms and websites, thus identifying you, without having any choice to remain anonymous. The implications of this technology are enormous and can’t be understated. Facedeals might be rolling out the red carpet to enter the matrix, and in that case, everyone might be looking for a land line to escape.

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Posted by Brian Lakeman

Brian Lakeman is Brand Manager for, Australia's leading NBN provider.

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