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Having a smart phone has so many perks and with its endless features, you cannot deny how helpful having one is to your daily life. Smart phones come in various sizes, designs, styles and features, but the one thing they all have in common? They have the power to perform as cell phones as well as computers.

The main benefit of having a smart phone is that it allows you to stay connected by having access to the Internet either via Wi-Fi or your cellular network. You would always be in touch with your family and friends because a smart phone has the capability to receive, read and reply to your emails right from the palm of your hand. Unlike using computers, you can read and answer to your emails even while you are waiting for your car to get fixed, waiting in line at the grocery store, hanging out at the airport or taking a vacation.

Your smart phone will even allow you to view, edit and send attachments so you can easily send pictures of your children show off your new house or receive business reports. You can not overlook the instant messaging feature of a smart phone as well. Smart phones of the same brand need not download a certain application to enable them to message one another; however, not all users use the same smart phones, thus the emergence of third-party apps that will enable users of various smart phones to call, chat and send attachments in real-time. Listed below are the best communication apps that every smart phone user should try.



Skype is a free app which allows users to call or message others over the internet for free. It is also a conference calling app which allows conference calls for business or personal purposes. Skype is actually one of the most popular applications with over 500 million users.

Install Skype



This app is mainly used for instant messaging which allows users to text message, send images, and audio and video media messages.

Install Whatsapp



Uberconference is one of the best conference calling apps. Aside from a beautiful interface, the app has advanced features which allow you to add contacts and learn about who they are through their automatic integration of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is also a user-friendly app in which you just choose the contacts who you want to join in on the conference call and they will automatically be dialed or sent an email inviting them to join.

Install Uberconference app



Viber is a free app which requires no registration and automatically syncs your contact list. It allows any user to make calls and send messages as well as attachments to other users regardless of device, network and location.

Install Viber app



This is an instant messaging app which allows users to chat and share photos, videos and audio media messages. It also offers an experience feature, in which users can look back on the experiences they’ve had with friends who are fellow touch users.

Install Touch

Having a smart phone is one sure way to improve your communication whether with your family, friends, boss and colleagues. Even when you are on-the-go, you can just simply whip out your phone and conduct a conference call to address certain issues that need quick fixing or send a text to check on your family. Make sure you keep in touch with your loved ones by sharing to them these best communication apps. If you have any comments or other app suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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