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With the various updates that are occurring in the search engines guest blogging is fast becoming the most reliable and effective way to build high quality back links that count. Sometimes it is best to stay on the slow and steady path rather than looking for instant results. Here is a list of things to avoid when you are using guest blogging as your main strategy.

Recycling your own content

There is no faster way to lose your credibility than to give a number of bloggers the same article. Even though bloggers are careful to check for duplicate content, sometimes the articles are not indexed yet and you may get away with it initially. Eventually however, you WILL be found out and then you will have lost opportunities to post on these blogs again.

Plagiarizing someone else’s work

Copying someone else’s work is unethical and provides no value to the blog that you have pitched your concept to. In addition, this is easily caught and you will lose valuable future opportunities.

Posting on blog farms

A blog farm is a blog or group of blogs that typically accept posts for money. The content is often low quality or even duplicated, there is very little theme to the site as the posts are likely about random topics and in many cases they also contain links going out to porn or other adult related sites. Links like this may offer a short term benefit but like many webmasters are finding out now they provide very little long term gain and can even negatively affect rankings


Spinning is the act of changing a few words, through the use of a tool or by hand, in order to try to pass off your article as unique. This is a very common tactic among black hatters to try to get content that they think will pass as unique in the search engines. It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with reading an article and writing about a similar topic in your own words, however simply copying the article and changing a few adjectives is not acceptable.

Keyword stuffing

Everyone wants to get maximum benefit from a guest post but just because you have permission it does not give you the green light to abuse the privilege. Keyword stuffing is when a blogger writes an article about a topic and then forces a targeted keyword into the article multiple times. Not only does this make the article nearly unreadable, search engines will typically punish a page that is keyword stuffing. The point is, make your article readable and natural and then the sites will benefit.

There is a right way to go about guest blogging and there is a wrong way, if you stay away from the concepts posted above you are sure to enjoy a very productive guest blogging career.

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