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Living in the era of digital content expansion the ways of information distribution and its promotion have drastically changed. More and more brands invest in digital promotion via Google ads and social media advertising.

However, while most of the businesses moved from traditional print advertising mediums to the web promotion because of its effective audience targeting and retargeting along with its exposure and cost-effectiveness, print advertising use still has a lot of advantages. Here are some of them.

1. While reading print media, people are distracted less than when reading digital content. Because of ability to click here and there, people are often tempted to move to another tab opened in a browser, or click on the link that leads to another page, what results in high bounce rate. While reading print magazines, flyers, brochures, there is just a single page competing for the attention of a reader at one time.

2. Print media guarantees higher engagement than online content. According to the study, people read digital text 20-30% slower than printed text. That means, that business who still invest in print advertising have a more engaged audience.

3. Print media is considered to be more credible and trusted medium in comparison with online ads and content. The fear of being attacked by virus or spam, people try to avoid clicking on annoying banner ads and popups. People feel safer and more comfortable when reading viruses free printed media.

These are only a few advantages of print advertising, so you should not stop using traditional print advertising, such as flyers, leaflets, and brochures distribution.

While social media now rules the advertising world and has a lot of benefits in promoting events and business, increasing brand awareness and creating buzz around this or that party or event, print media can help you reach your target audience in the right time at the right place.

Among the most cost-effective and flexible types of traditional print media, a promotional flyer still remains one of the favorite and most-used ways of offline promotion. The benefits of using flyers for the business or events promotion are obvious:

  • Flyers are tangible. People better perceive information if its tangible. People love tangible things which they can hold in hands, feel the texture. That’s why the print quality and print finish have a huge impact on the tangible characteristics of a printed flyer. Be sure that people will throw away your flyer if the paper will be of low quality, rough and bleak. Using creative materials, like a mat or mat lamination, glossy, silky finishes helps to add a personal touch, drive interest to the information included into the flyer and increase the value of such flyer in the eyes of your target audience
  • Flyers provide incentive. Thanks to the flyer multi-faceted approach, they can be used for the promotion of a new business, service, product, for creating buzz around an upcoming event, as invitation to an event or as promotional leaflet that spreads the word about a special offer and shares some coupon code, a voucher or a QR code. It can help to complete people some action by providing a clear and convincing call-to-action.
  • Flyers distribution is versatile. Thanks to a flexible flyer’s layout and structure nature, it can be distributed in several ways. Being folded, flyers can be sent via direct mail or can be given out like flat leaflets on the street. Flyers can be posted on the walls like posters or given to people in the form of invitations. They can also be used as gift vouchers which share some bonus and give information about the business.
  • Flyers can be distributed via multiple channels including door-to-door, newspaper inserting, shops, street promoters, influencers, etc. The channels for flyer distribution depends on what places your target audience often visit.

The effectiveness of flyer distribution directly depends on flyer design, structure, layout, the way the key message is conveyed, distribution strategy etc. Here are some important factors which make flyers an effective marketing tool:


The flyer design should be visually appealing

To make people read a flyer, you should create an eye-catchy memorable design that appeals to the target audience and makes it look through in detail.


The flyer’s content should include a clear message, structured content a convincing call-to-action.

The flyer should have attractive headlines and should be focused on the benefits of a product, service or an event. The information should be easy-to-read.


Use high-quality photos and beautiful graphics to keep customers engaged

Visual content drives attention and by separating text blocks make the content easy to digest.


Flyers with the follow-up options give a higher percentage of response and conversion.

Include a website address, a physical address, social media links and other important contact details which will help to retain customers.

The design of flyer can be a time-consuming task that takes a lot of efforts and resources. There is an easier way to create a professional high-quality flyer than designing it from scratch. Free flyer templates PSD  is a cost-effective way that saves a lot of time and money, while provides a professionally designed template which you can easily customize and personalize with your business and event details, custom images or photos in Photoshop.

As 2019 has just started, there are so many holidays and great events waiting for us. A St. Valentine’s Day, a St. Patrick’s Day, summer holidays spring break holidays will bring a lot of awesome parties and nightclub special events. And the success of these upcoming events depends on the proper promotion which is impossible without creative free party flyer templates PSD.

In order to help you reach your target audience and spread the word about an upcoming party or club event, we have compiled a collection of 45 absolutely free party flyers PSD and free club flyer PSD templates which can be used for a wide range of upcoming holidays and big events, including St. Valentine’s Day parties, DJ parties, karaoke parties, St. Patrick’s day club parties, Spring Break parties, summer hot parties etc.

Thanks to an easy-to-customize PSD format and smart objects, all the below-listed party free flyers templates PSD can be instantly customized into fantastic flyer invitations, promotional leaflets and exclusive promotional posters dedicated to this or that event.

Change colors, add a custom image or graphics, add the event date details and your business contact information and start creating buzz around your awesome party.

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