Few professions lend themselves to the activity of freelancing such as design and illustration. For many people the choice is determined by their behavior. For those who do not like risk, will less likely be attracted by the freelancing lifestyle. However, the irrepressible creative will find working in an agency limiting and oppressive. There are many ups and down to the paths you can take. In this article will go over the major factors of this decision.

I think that the choice of working in an agency or freelancing depends on your own goals/ambitions. At the beginning, especially after graduating from school, it would be better to start in an agency. Continuing the social aspect you had at college is a necessary for most professionals. This will enable you to obtain knowledge, experience working side by side with senior designers, having a salary guaranteed at the end of the month, and working with others on great projects.

Those who want to get away, will find working for themselves quite ideal. Some have an entrepreneur side to their personality. Working for others and answering to the big boss is not their idea of success. You should listen to your feelings and try the opportunity of starting as a freelancer. Taking this route, you may find it more satisfying and convenient.



  • The income is guaranteed and you can count on increases in salary and bonuses in the best periods
  • The career advancement are well structured, which facilitates the setting of professional goals
  • Colleagues provides social contact, in the office and outside
  • The work in the agency offers the possibility to acquire management skills
  • Working side by side with designers of medium-high level is a very educational experience


  • Dealing exclusively with portion of the projects can be frustrating
  • The repetitive projects may lead to creative inertia, as well as customers who prefer the meetings
  • The movements to and from the workplace cost time and money
  • You are not guaranteed to be comfortable working with colleagues
  • At times, timetables and deadlines can be very oppressive



  • The activities of freelance offers a greater creative freedom
  • Working from home does not make you lose time and money for travel
  • The flexibility of this style of life is suited for creatives with families
  • You can acquire management and interaction skills like self promotion and the dealing with customers even outside the working area
  • You can work on a project from start to finish. Not only portions of it.


  • Lacking the advantages of working as an employee: pension, holidays, sick leave, life insurance
  • The low-flow periods may be disturbing, especially if you have a mortgage to pay.
  • It takes discipline to organize and find the work, then do it,  secure the payment and manage taxes
  • The freelance does not work from 9 to 18. Evenings and weekends off are not guaranteed
  • Not everyone is made to work at home alone and renting a space in an office affect profits

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