Bullshit Rubber Stamp


Ready to use right out of the box. Tell people how you really feel when something pisses you off!!

Buy $12.95

Houston Desk by Modloft

Houston Desk Ebony Lacquer

The Houston desk expresses a sharp edge on first glance, yet maintains an artistic presence throughout. Geometric steel chrome legs are shaped to form a stable, stylish base. Deep grooves line the desk’s edging, concealing the two front panel drawers.

Buy $972.04

Concrete Desk Accessories

Concrete Desk Accessories

A weighty set of office accoutrement, made of cement, including tape dispenser, pencil holder and small tray.

Buy $60.00

Wireless Solar Keyboard by Logitech

Wireless Solar Keyboard by Logitech

With this light-powered wireless keyboard, you can type emails and navigate the web faster and easier on your favorite Apple devices—all without battery hassles. The keyboard is continually powered and charged by any light—even the one on your desk.

Buy $55.21

Bridge Desktop Paper Shredder

Idea International Takume Bridge Shredder, Blue

Unique compact shredder bridge is designed to fit on top of any trash can at home.

Buy $50

Machined Bolt Action Pen

Machined Bolt Action Pen

This ingenious design by Rainer Wenning and Thomas Braunagel will be a must for those wanting a tactical pen with a twist. It is an effective self defense tool as well.

Buy $36.69

Bluetooth iPhone Dock by Native Union

Bluetooth iPhone Dock by Native Union

The Bluetooth iPhone Dock by Native Union offers Bluetooth compatibility, stylish design, and a charging dock for the iPhone. Featuring a high-gloss finish, this handset is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones and computers. An included multipoint chip lets you pair and answer calls with two different Bluetooth devices.

The Curve is also fitted with an auto-reconnect function, allowing the handset to automatically reestablish connection when paired devices are detected in range. Ideal for the home or office, you can use the handset without restricting your access to functions on your smartphone or laptop. A one-touch button lets you easily answer or terminate calls, while noise-reducing technology provides crisp, clear sound.

Buy $99.99

Utility Task Clips

Knock Knock Task Clips

A fresh take on a classic, these strong, smart, eye-catching Task Clips feature a sophisticated color palette and pithy directives to make organizing what needs to get done a (near) delight.

Buy $10.00

Cloud Eraser

Cloud Eraser

The cloud eraser is not only a decorative object but also erases very well and lasts forever!

Buy $25

Pen Type-A

Pen Type-A

Pen Type-A is a minimal pen and ruler sleeve made for Hi-Tec-C ink cartridges. All of its parts are machined out of solid stainless steel and the sleeve is laser etched with ruler markings. A balance of simplicity, precision and substance, the pen feels smooth between your fingers. There’s no grip to tell your fingers where to go and it’s free of notches or grooves.

Buy $150.00

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