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Can you believe that the summer is basically over? We feel the cool breath of autumn more and more day by day. It’s a little sad that the summer has passed so quickly and cold winds are taking it away. If the summer was endless, we wouldn’t love it so much as we do. Without a doubt I can say that summer is a small life. Each of us have had a lot of events, joy and happiness this summer which are worth to remember. As the daylight hours are getting shorter and the days of T-shirts seem a distant dream, I decided to pick some stunning summer shots.

At the long cold winter evenings, we think about summer as it’s the greatest dream. Because summer is the season when the dreams come true. You can travel a lot, lay on the sand and swim in the ocean till the sun drops below the horizon. Summertime is the best season for taking great shots. The blue ocean waves, yellowed grass and sunset couldn’t remain anyone indifferent. The summer pictures display the emotions and it seems like you can catch the mood with a camera lens.

I went in search of some pictures that have perfectly captured this season. The summer lovely nature, hot beaches and tasty summer fruit will let your flashbacks come back from memory. The bright colors that were derived from these rich moments of summertime are truly inspiring. Hope you will enjoy the showcase of amazing summertime pictures.

1. Summer by Melly Baldin


2. Summer Solstice by P0RG


3. Summer Heat by M-a-e-e

Summer Heat by M-a-e-e

4. Pretty Summer Day by Landscapesaxony

pretty summer day

5. Cute from Tumblr


6. Summer Waves Good Bye by oO-Rein-Oo

Summer Waves Good Bye

7. Goodbye Summer by *Ana-D

Goodbye Summer

8. Summertime by TinaApple

Summertime by TinaApple

9. Summertime by Tomsumartin


10. Summertime by Andzik69


11. Summertime by Ksushiks

Summertime by Ksushiks

12. Summer in the City by Linlith

summer in the city

13. The summer’s agony by Kellebass

The summer's agony

14. Summer Dreams by Lucem

summer dreams

15. Summer Blue by Night-fate

Summer Blue

16. Memories of a Summer by Heleneee

Memories of a summer

17. Summer Tea by Fae-light

Summer Tea

18. Say HELLO to The Summer by ShinaKhan

Say HELLO to The Summer

19. Blue Summer Hour by StrayDog1972

Blue Summer Hour

20. Summer tastes by BigGirlsDoNotCry

Summer tastes

21. Summer is coming…by MartaC

 Summer is coming...

22. Taste of Summer by Orwald

 taste of summer

23. +Summer+by ViViTheDaRk

Summer by immortalFrog

24. Colors of a Summer by Alessia-Izzo

Colors of a summer

25. Summer Love by Belrok78

Summer Love

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