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Over the past few months, Google+ has emerged as a force to reckon in social media marketing. Thousands of people have set up business pages with Google+ in an attempt to establish a strong social media presence. However, many individuals go about it the wrong way and end up getting frustrated in their efforts.

The following are some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid when using Google+.


1. Not using circles to categorize your audiences

Many people mistakenly believe that they have just one audience. However, the fact is that different people are interested in different aspects of your business. For instance, if you run a real estate business, some people might be interested in buying and others in selling property. Therefore, it would be advisable to segment these people into different circles. Any time you want to post, make sure you choose the relevant circle.

2. Failing to verify your webpage with Google+

Verifying your page involves connecting your site to your Google+ profile, thus ascertaining that you are the legitimate owner of the site. Failing to do so is a mistake which can end up costing you dearly. If you don’t verify your webpage, anyone could create a fake page using your brand name. As a result, your audience might get mixed up trying to figure out which of the two pages is real. Such unauthorized pages can be very detrimental for the reputation your brand.

3. Not posting regularly

Don’t make the mistake of opening a Google+ profile and then abandoning it. Posting frequently keeps your audience engaged and gives them a reason to keep coming back. On the other hand, posting intermittently will cause people to stop taking your business, as well as your brand seriously. It is therefore very important to have a consistent posting schedule. If you lack the time do the work yourself, you could hire an experienced individual to handle the creation, posting and promotion of content.

4. Not using photos on your profile or posts

Images can be very effective in grabbing and retaining the attention of visitors in Google+. It would therefore be advisable to have appropriate images in your profile, as well as in your posts. If you are selling a product, you could post photos showing different elements of your brand. In addition, you can also use humorous, inspirational or thought-provoking images.

5. Not including links in your profile

Google+ has a particular place where you can insert the URL of a site. This offers you a great opportunity to add your business webpage. In addition, Google also offers a ‘recommended links’ or ‘pages you like’ section. You can insert links to your blog, product landing pages or your other social media profiles. Be creative and make the most of this opportunity.

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