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The cassette was one of the two most common formats for prerecorded music, if you remember using a cassette congrats! You’re getting old! French artist Benoit Jammes created an artistic series to the forgotten musical format by transforming it into whatever his imagination comes up with. Benoit calls this series “Tape Portraits” which showcase: Rocket ships, clouds, Homer Simpson, and other works of art. Enjoy!


Benoit-Jammes-Cassettes-Series Benoit-Jammes-Cassettes-Series

Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-2 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-3 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-4 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-5 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-6 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-7 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-8 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-9 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-10 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-11 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-12 Cassette-Portraits-by-Beloit-Jammes-13

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