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Our Anahata (Sanskrit for “heart chakra”) is how we connect to the light of our soul. It’s how we reach the guidance of the angelic realm. If you are in turmoil, here are 10 powerful ways to heal your heart chakra.

1. Self-Esteem


When our self-esteem is low, our heart energy balance is thrown for a loop. It is hard to see the sunnier side of life when your heart is in the dirt. This is why it is a good practice for you to master the art of affirmations. These are positive-fueled phrases you repeat to yourself. Phrases you can tell yourself include “I love myself” and “”I am not afraid of being rejected.”


2. Give Love Freely

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Giving love to others without expecting anything in return means you are a genius. The giving and receiving of love can make you incredibly happy beyond belief. It doesn’t have to be romantic love, either. It can be as simple as helping someone without them asking.


3. Listen

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We live in a self-centered society, filled with people who love the sound of their own voice. This is why it’s important to consciously practice the art of listening. Five minutes is all it takes; use that time to completely focus on whoever is speaking to you at the time.


4. Go Green

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Each chakra in us has a colour; our heart chakra’s colour is green. It is the wisest thing for you to spend time in nature. Find a park nearby that you can spend the morning or evening in. Being outdoors is powerfully healing.


5. Feel Emotions

Experience how you feel. Never be afraid of your emotions, whether they are positive or negative. Acknowledge your emotions and allow them to run through you, like a river. Hiding your emotions is like putting yourself behind bars.


6. Forgiveness

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Other people hurt us. This aspect of life must be accepted if we are to become whole beings and peaceful with ourselves. Let go of the past to forge new paths and learn how to forgive.


7. Relationships

When you are filled with fear in your relationship, your heart chakra may be blocked. Whether this means the fear of losing your freedom, losing yourself or losing the one you’re in a relationship with.


8. Release

It is necessary in order to heal your heart chakra. If what you own, or who you know doesn’t benefit your life, your heart has only more to dwell on. Let go of what you don’t need in order to free yourself.


9. Ritual Bath

hot bath

Ritual baths will help you find your inner harmony again. You will also be cleansing your aura of any negativity. To do so:

  • Gather rose aroma oils, a rose quartz and licorice herbs
  • Put the crystal in the tub
  • Put 4 drops of the aroma oil on 4 tbsp. of sea salt
  • Fill tub with warm water
  • Add the aroma oil and licorice herbs
  • Light a green candle (since green is the color of our heart chakra)

Concentrate on affirmations and chakras while you bathe.


10. Thoughts

We control our thoughts. When you have a harmful thought, consciously tell yourself to stop. Always replace negativity with warmth, kindness and love.



It is easy to spot people whose fourth chakra is in balance and harmonised. It simply radiates from them – and they are inspiring. They’re full of love, forgiveness and people want to be around them. When you are angered or fuming with hatred, your chakra is imbalanced.

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