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Cesar V. Ortiz, better known as “NOXBIL,” is a digital artist and graphic designer from Madrid, Spain. Noxbil’s designs are original, brilliant, and follow the latest trends in aesthetics. Today we would like to share his latest projects called ‘Heroes & Villains.’  The project is basically a tribute to the fictional villains and heroes from western pop culture. There’s a hero inside everyone. Enjoy!

“I like to search designs in the net, of other artists who can influence me, I also strongly influences the film, music and travels around the world that inspire me on many occasions. I try to observe and learn every day to improve my personal and professional work. I like to create a work from single pieces representing with only one single picture the right message which I want to convey.” – Cesar V. Ortiz.


heroes (1)

heroes (2)

heroes (3)

heroes (4)

heroes (5)

heroes (6)

heroes (1)

heroes (3)

heroes (2)


villains (1)

villains (2)

villains (3)

villains (4)

villains (5)

villains (6)

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