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When a business grows and expands to multiple offices across the country or world. These offices need a fast and efficient internet connection to stay connected with each other. Moreover, business has traveling employees such as salesperson who also need a fast and secure connection to the office computer.

Some employees take advantage of free WIFI access in places like a coffee shop and airport etc. to connect their windows laptop with their business network. These types of public connections are not safe for you to connect to your business network.

That is where the VPN comes to achieve this goal. You can check VPNRanks for finding the top cheap VPN Services for your windows laptop.

It makes a private connection over the public network and let you connect through users or remote sites together. Moreover, it encrypts the data to make sure that no unauthorized user can see it. In the past, business use leased lines from the telecommunication companies, to connect with other offices.

Leased lines, such as ISDN provides a secure connection to its customers but the leases are very expensive and can cost more as the distance increases. That is why; VPN is the best alternative and cost-effective way to secure the company’s network.


VPN Today

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The internet is known very easy to access these days as compared to the past. Many ISP’s are available that are constantly developing and providing their customers with low-cost internet. Many companies are now replacing the leased lines with fast and reliable internet connections.

Moreover, they are using the intranets, which are private internal networks design for company employees. The use of VPN allows the business to extend its intranet resources to the employees working from their homes or remote offices. It also has many other following benefits:


Productivity Increase

Most of the employees know the internet vulnerabilities and choose not to log in on a public network. But if an employee travels a lot and needs to work remotely but not able to work properly due to security risks. The VPN allows traveling employee to work in a secure environment and in result improves the productivity and peace of mind.


Help Access Restricted Sites

Access restricted websites

Moreover, it allows the employee to access the sites that are restricted. For example, Facebook is restricted in China and suppose the employee is traveling to China. Then, the VPN allows him to access the site by changing the window laptop IP address.



VPN is very affordable as compared to the leased line. Most of the VPN cost less than 10$ a month and you can never get cheap security like this.


Reduces the Risk of Cyber-Attacks

The main benefit of Virtual Private Network is that it reduces the risk of cyber-attacks. A security breach can be very dangerous for the company’s reputation. Moreover, if a company collects information from the clients then the client will not feel secure and leave the company at once. The VPN keeps the company’s network and reputation secure.

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