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We see advertisements almost everywhere; on our television screens, on hoardings, on roadside pillars, and most visibly each minute of our working lives on our laptop/PC screens. Scroll down any online website, blog post, video or any material available online and you’ll see an advertisement pop-up on your on screen. But what’s the exact story behind these advertisements? Let’s find out!

The online advertising industry is in a state of a swirling cyclone in today’s highly tech-savvy world that’s vigorously trying to pace up with the dynamics of this virtual world industry. According to a report published by GroupM, one of the leading media buying agencies of the world, the advertising expenditure of the internet world is expected to grow at a substantial rate of 10% each year in India alone.

On the other hand, following the statistics presented in the “Digital Advertising in India 2017” report published by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Kantar IMRB, the spending percentage for digital advertising is close to a CAGR of 30% for 2018. The figures are not at all surprising considering the fact that today’s generation spends a maximum number of hours browsing through the internet space than any other form of media.

What is seeking a greater attention of e-marketers, advertising companies, financial investors, and people alike,is the very nature and character of these online advertisements. The industry is witnessing acomplete make-overwith advertisements going far beyond the traditional focus on radio or television to an altogether new face of social and mobile media.

There is a race towards searching newest, freshest yet informative content for online advertisements which gathers new customer base for the product/services being offered. However, the way of presenting these ads has transformed as well.

Some still prefer the direct selling ads which have traditionally increased the click-through-rate as well as KPIs, whereas others go the other way round. In-app advertising has carved a niche for itself in the online advertising industry and stands as the apple of the eye for most advertising companies today.

Online advertisements today have a great futuristic outlook. Before you enter the online advertising industry, awareness towards the nitty-gritties of modern ads is a must. The most recent addition in the field has been 2D and 3D animated adverts which have immense power to deliverhefty messages (or maybe processes) in seemingly simple yet intricate visuals.

Checkout the 3D animated video created online for the Bahrain Motorshow right here;

Another new yet promising entrant in the demanding online advertising market, which has taken the industry to new heights, is motion graphics which appropriately fuses graphics and audio to create terrific animated visuals. This feature, at times, has also been used to portray overly complex concepts by way of simple graphics increasing sales, revenues, and customer base for many clients.

For instance, the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition organized by the Imperial College uploaded an animation which is a perfect example of ‘Complexity explained simply’ at its best!

You can find the animation on Spiel Creative‘s official website.

The key to such success achieved in the field has been the recent realization of the importance of a good script before a good video. Take our word and try giving this a thought!

You can see sure results on your next performance tracking report. For instance, understanding that the modern customer is smart and needs more than what meet the eye is essential. This makes companies become undisputed champions in delivering par excellence animated videos to wide ranging clients from educational universities to travel agencies, F&B industry, the financial sector, automobile industry, architecture, environmentalists, music industry and who not!

Who would have ever thought that there will come a day when technology will bless us with the ability to be ‘live’ online in front of millions of users/followers? Broadcasting real-time is the new gig in town! The European Space Agency (ESA) went in for a 3D live streaming video first time in the history on August 6, 2011.

You can watch the video here:

Ever since, online advertising companies have dived deeper into the stream and got a neck over posting live videos aiming to boost customer engagement and conversation rate.

Yet another animated version is the world of character-led animations used in online advertisements. Heroes, cartoon sand creatures, all have seen their place in the advertisements aiming to lure the child in all of us alike!

Whether it is the human-like ZooZoos from Vodafone, the adorable Panda for Panda Cheese Dairy products, the hyper-active bunny rabbit from Duracell advertisement, or the oh-so-cute Pillsbury Doughboy in those Pillsbury advertisement campaigns, these animated characters have immensely succeeded in gaining attention of one and all.

Having said it all, where do you think lies the future of online advertising? And most importantly, what is it that is stopping people from buying your product despite of spending lots of money on advertising?

Would you prefer choosing a charming and attractive little character for your product’s promotion, or present the process of production (and maybe, boast about your attention to health and hygiene) through a much-informative motion graphic advertisement luring the basic trust of customers, or rather lay your attention on a 3D storytelling mode. It’s all right if you still have a boggling mind over the answer! After all, we do understand animation is a skill easy to start off with, but hard to master like a pro!

A quick advice: Whatever is your chosen answer, don’t forget the key to successful animated advertisements is to first and foremost conquer the minds of the customers by presenting them with a sturdy and dependable script in addition to a mind blowing animated video.

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