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These days, blogs have become more popular than ever. Bloggers discuss every possible topic under the sun; from clothes to movies to books to celebrities to fashion to style to politics and everything else in between. Everything has been covered. The trick is to put a unique spin or give an interesting take on your topic of choice.

It is no longer surprising how much influence bloggers exert over their audience given the widespread usage of the internet these days. Whether you have been running a blog for several years now or you are just about to start one, here are a few ways to establish yourself as an influential blogger:

Post interesting content on a regular basis.

This is the primary reason people will visit your blog. They are searching for relevant information on the niche of your blog and they need to know that they can rely on your blog to provide the information that they need on a regular basis. Whether you choose to update your blog on a daily, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis, just be sure to deliver on your promise. Always try to provide your readers updated and latest news about your subject matter so that they will get important information from your blog, Otherwise, there will be nothing to stop your readers from moving on to a more current blog.

Engage with your audience.

One way to establish yourself as an influential blogger is by staying connected to your readers. Readers like to know that their views and concerns matter. Having said that, make every effort to answer questions that they throw your way in a timely and polite manner. Feel free to give your take on issues that they bring up as well. This creates discussion and sparks further interest in your blog.

Keep your blog organized.

Organization plays such a critical role in the success of any website. Viewers don’t want to see a virtual mess when they head to your blog. In terms of design, keep it simple and try not to overwhelm your viewers with too much eye candy. Keep blog entries short and sweet. Be generous with your use of photos and subheadings to make the content easier on the eyes. Organized blog will assist your reader to recognize their helpful resources simply, & finally generate attention of the reader.

Use the appropriate tone for your targeted audience.

Gone are the days when a serious, scholarly and monotonous tone was the norm for blogs. These days, friendly and conversational are the way to go. People are looking for blogs that read like magazines and that provide high quality and unique content without sounding stiff or pretentious. Get on board and write as naturally as you can. Double check each entry for spelling or grammatical errors before hitting ‘publish’.

Make use of social media to spread the word about your blog.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus are invaluable when it comes to getting press for your blog. Sign up for accounts on all the aforementioned and be sure that your website contains widgets for users to be able to share entries from your blog quickly and easily.

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