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I bet you must be thinking of how big a cliché it has become to make money through blogging.

You must be able to remember the early age of “making money online” when almost everyone was either making money through blogging or teaching people how to make money via blog.

Let us not forget those like you and me who were shedding greens on tons of courses, eBooks and tutorials only to learn the secrets of making money via AdSense (blogging).



This blog post is not a cliché and at zero expense I am going to show you some sure shot methods of making money via blogging.

You can choose a niche that best suits your interest and knowledge, and you can implement one of these methods to make money via blogging.


1. Blog Earning via AdSense

Google Analytics Screen

This is one of the oldest and most famous method of making money with a blog. We position you in a situation where you have done everything.

You have chosen a niche, made a blog, written amazing posts and you have gathered a big audience.

It is time to make money.

What is AdSense? This is Google’s program for publishers in Google’s network to make money by placing Google advertisements on their websites.

Google has multiple streams of income, but still the largest chunk comes from marketing. You place ads of Google’s advertising clients and on each click you make money.



The word of click – CPC (cost per click) matters on many factors such as your country.

As far as getting AdSense account is concerned, that is not a big issue because you can get that after having decent content on your website.

Take a look at for further detail of this model of earning.


2. Guest Posting

Guest post, as materialistic as it is, is still a blog post and it can make you money. This version of making money through blogging is called Guest Posting Service.

You launch a guest posting service like Globex Outreach and through Facebook or Google marketing (and other sources e.g. email) you let the target customers know that you are offering guest posting service for backlinks.

They will definitely contact you to get guest posts, because rest is only to submit them to backlinking websites.

If you add the link acquisition and the submission of post to your existing business model, then you can make 3x the money that you can by only writing guest posts.

Bamidele of Writers in Charge has a very interesting take on this model (


3. Sponsored Advertising

Two Coworkers Going Over a Website

A guest post writing service can be your side hassle (since it is less about writing and more about marketing – you can always hire writers) and you can make money mostly by sponsored advertising.

Let me say it this way.

AdSense is earning via ads for commoners.

Sponsored or private ads earning is for the most skilled and successful bloggers.

How to do it?


Well, here is how you do it:

  • You make a blog in a niche that interests you a lot.
  • Your deep interest and infatuation lead you to success in the blogging.
  • As a result, your audience goes from hundreds to thousands and from thousands to hundreds of thousands of visitors.
  • Then you start attracting the big companies and entrepreneurs in your niche. They naturally want to use your website for ads.
  • At a point that you deem suitable (when you are sure of your blog’s fame or when you recently got some PR attraction), you open the website banner and other spaces for ads.
  • You also let sponsors place their ads in your email newsletters (

This is how sponsored ads or private ads can help you make money through blogging.


4. Affiliate Programs and Offers

You might not be aware of this, but big and huge companies are willing to pay you good if you become affiliate and convince your traffic to perform any action required by those companies.

This action can be email and phone number submission, filling out a form or survey and definitely buying some product or service.

This type of earning is called CPA (click per action). This model works for products as well as services.



As this model is a big one and it can easily be divided in two or more different strategies, let me explain it step by step.


5. CPA – Services

Once your niche is defined and you have established a blog with rich content in abundance and a huge volume of traffic you can go to websites like www.maxbounty,com or and find offers related to your niche.

These offers can be from data submission (your contact details or other insights) to purchasing digital products and services.

Once a customer completes an action that is conditioned with the payment, you get paid. The commission can be too good in certain cases.


6. CPA – Products

Amazon Affiliate

When it comes to affiliate earning in products, Amazon affiliate program comes up as one of the most important channels of earning.

All you have to do is to write product reviews – while being within your niche – and people would click on the Amazon links of those products.

This clicking will generate cookies and within the cookie duration whether those people buy the products (from Amazon) that you reviewed on your website or they buy any other products, you will always get commission.

Commission varies from product to product.

You can check the details of this type of earning from



These are a few time-tested and proven methods of making very decent, even 5 to 6 figures earning from doing nothing, but writing high quality blog posts.



In all these scenarios earnings depends a lot on the quality of content. A good quality content is that which is written for better engagement and with proper knowledge, and which has a good media to textual content ratio.

If you manage to write interesting, media-rich, well-researched and long-form blog posts, internet will bless you with just as many greens as you wish.

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