Often you can look at a website that is gaining popularity and know that it is a lasting hit. Pinterest certainly gives that impression. Pinterest is a website that allows people to “pin” their information on pages that have a subject based forum page. The interesting thing about Pinterest is that they are a very chic, young-looking, product oriented website.

Even so, they have willing contributors that are not there to market as much as share culture and a lifestyle of youth and enjoyment of life. Most marketing and social networks have trouble bringing the two under one banner. This is because most overt advertising in a social media is met with disdain.

At Pinterest, products, services and ideas all run together to define the identity of the site. An identity which is guided by the forum topics and atmosphere created by the other posts. Similar products all run together under an overall topic, such as food. People that visit can either post their own pictures and recipes, lightly read other contributions or go to another member’s website and purchase products featured on Pinterest.

This is a great marketing atmosphere because the people visiting here are a looking and objective audience. The marketing resistance is low. The main motivator is the visual presentation of your pinned products.

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A product oriented vendor that has a visually appealing group of products should look over the Pinterest website. After a few clicks to some of the other pin-ups you will get an idea of what would do well on this site. Then go over your product list and post up what you have that you think contributes well to the site. It’s pretty much that simple. Putting some work into your profile you will get even better results. The website has a pretty vibrant community that shares comments and ideas rapidly. Participating in that sharing can only help.

Another thing that greatly helps advertise your product is when others like what you post and decide to re-post it. Some postings get posted anywhere from 50 to 100 times just because people like what they see. Sometimes instead of a picture you can put a product review. If it’s not too wordy and the link is set up for easy access you could do well with written content.

The main idea at this site is to think in terms of contributing to the nature of the site itself. That way you can be a part of what is trending. This site is like a conduit for culture and new ideas. Keeping an eye on it as a consumer is just as useful as using it as a network marketing tool.

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