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The advancement in technology and engineering has changed the style of gaming and sports. Racing drones are different from camera drones and are used as aerial racing cars without a driver using wireless remote controls. Recently the craze of racing drones has increased to a much higher extent. Certain statistics reveal that there are chances that the game may be introduced as the official sport in the next Olympics.

The pilots get to see the live video on their goggles to drive on the right path along with the site of their competitors that is required for winning. The game that was not even into existence in 2013 was trending in 2015 and is popular even now. The craze is increasing in the crowd each day.

The blog below acts as a racing drone guide, to know more about it stay tuned.


Reasons for Drone taking up the pace as a Sport:

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There are different reasons that Drone is now on verge of becoming a highly played sport that was earlier just a source of entertainment. Let us have a look.


  • As the racing drones were launched the pricing was several thousand dollars and it became gameplay to define the status of the rich but later the prices dropped down consistently. Within a year it was as low as $200 and the crowd went on adding up.
  • In the early stages of the launch of the product, one had to go to the nearest electronic store to complete the assembly of the racing drone. But then the product improvisation introduced the ready to fly racing drones. Just get them, screw down the essentials and you are good to go.
  • The most important transition in the game was in the year 2016 when 1 million dollars were sponsored for an event. It was now when more and more people started knowing and gaining interest. 6 more events were held in the US in the same year. There is an unstoppable lead in the game with passing time.
  • The virtual reality is another major reason for making the game as the future of sports. The remote-controlled quadcopter flight along with headsets and sensors for the pilot make a huge interest for the players.
  • High-speed gaming, agility, precision and much more amazing features make it completely fit for being a competitive sport. The players who have experienced being a pilot describes how enthralling and enthusiastic the game is. They can fly their quadcopter at speed as high as 100 miles in an hour.
  • You can have control of crossing different obstacles even at a hairline distance. The racing takes place on the different landscape introducing various levels of difficulties, it is an ultimate fun to cross the obstacles and push back other players to win the race.
  • Versatility in gaming, there are no inbound rules. You can play as per your choice and do not restrict to the tracks. The place for racing can be dense forests, artificially created three-dimensional spaces or urban environment. These are just the common choices, you can decide the lane as per you.


Final Words:

Racing drone is not only a fun experience for players but for spectators too. More and more people are enjoying and want to invest in the game. After 2016 and in recent years the popularity of the game is so high that if it takes the place of renowned sport it will be no surprise.

The game has all the plus to take over the mind of people. The sponsorship from the drone manufacturers to pilots gives an added advantage and huge scope for the gameplay.

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